25 years ago today Baltimore fans had their world turned upside down. Years of history was packed into Mayflower moving fans in the middle of a snowy March night and shipped to Indianapolis.

Without hesitation, before anything could be done, the Colts left Baltimore and changed football history in Charm City forever. As a 21 year old fan, I missed the Colts by 4 years, but I am passionate about all young fans recognizing this day in Baltimore history.

Colts leave Baltimore

Image Courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

A lot of people ask me why I care about something that never took place in my generations. The answer is because it’s in my blood. I didn’t have a pro franchise until I was 13 years old, so for the first half of my life my father brought me up to hate everything about Indy.

Any young fan that takes a trip to Sports Legends and soaks up the history instilled in Baltimore by Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, Art Donovan, Gino Marchetti, and tons of other guys will leave upset that their history and records belong to a city in Indiana.

Without an NFL franchise, my father told me that Baltimore would win a Super Bowl before Indianapolis ever would. It was a crazy notion, but he said it with such confidence. Sure enough the Modell family blessed Baltimore by moving the Browns in 1996 and after just four years the Ravens held up the Lombardi Trophy after being victorious in Super Bowl XXXV.

I bleed purple, but the Colts’ history was taught to me from a young age and even though I wasn’t there I can’t imagine losing the team I love in the middle of a snowy night in March.