Today on ZardCast, CT, Duncan and Dave convene to discuss the tail end of a Washington Wizards win streak, a tough loss to the Boston Celtics and a drubbing by the Portland Trailblazers. Plus: Future celebrity guests, the ZardCast unbeaten streak at Verizon Center is busted, CT goes to Bullets Forever night, Alan Anderson’s excellent beard and style, Eastern Conference standings talk, John Wall wins Eastern Conference player of the week, Pop Culture Detour and much more.

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Topics discussed include:

  • Wizards were riding a win streak, hit .500 and then drop two in a row
  • Wizards undefeated streak when ZardCast is in attendance is busted, CT tries to blame it on Duncan
  • Bradley Beal returns from injury against the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Dave catches CT and his girl smooching before the game
  • The guys have a pizza break
  • Wizards have one of their best offensive games against the Indiana Pacers
  • Indianapolis Star reporter Candance Buckner rips Indiana’s effort in her gamer
  • Whenever Alan Anderson returns, it’ll feel like reinforcements dropped in from the sky
  • John Wall has a monster game against the Boston Celtics, lose a tough one
  • Jae Crowder and Randy Wittman get into it
  • CT attends Bullets Forever night, shoots a free throw on the floor, has a good time
  • It’s Duncan’s dream to participate in a shot contest on the floor
  • Wild halftime shows: Guys flipping each other, jump ropers, baby races
  • Portland Trailbazers kills the Wizards on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Eastern Conference standings look. The Wizards don’t want home court advantage, right?
  • Gortat had some interesting comments regarding the plague of injuries facing the Wizards after practice
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Earns an Eastern Conference player of the week award, should be on the All Star team
  • Is in the pool of 30 players for the Olympic team, won’t make it because Coach K
  • Looking at the Wizards next four games
  • Will return next week following the Raptors game
  • Pop Culture Detour: Recommending “The Martian,” “Sicario” and “Orphan Black”