This week on ZardCast, CT, Dave, Duncan and Max return following CT’s Puerto Rican vacation to discuss the final phase of the Washington Wizards season. They cover games against the Knicks, Grizzlies, 76ers, Nets and Hawks, all by playing some fill in the blank. They also take a look at the rest of the Eastern Conference, Bulls or Raptors in the first round, Max’s Poetry Corner, This Week in John Wall, NBA recommendations and much more.

The pod will return Friday morning to recap the end of the regular season and look ahead to the Wizards first round playoff matchup. During the playoffs ZardCast will record immediately following all games and will post a new episode the following morning, dissecting the action.

Topics discussed include:

  • CT returns from Puerto Rico, the guys fill him in on the generalities after missing the last few games
  • To introduce all of the games today, ZardCast will play fill in the blank
  • Derrick Fisher’s views about pizza (“Pizza doesn’t taste that great”) are _____ ?
  • Rasual Butler dunks at the buzzer against the Knicks to lock-up Wiz50 from Papa John’s
  • Max is big into draft conspiracies
  • If beating Memphis was a delicious barbecued meat, this win would be _____ ?
  • Dave texts CT at 2:30 a.m. asking if there’s Comcast Sportsnet in Puerto Rico
  • Watching the Wizards drill the 76ers for one last time this season was a _____ experience?
  • John Wall sits for the first time since January 7, 2013 — It was weird not to see him out there
  • Max’s Poetry Corner: Bob McCann
  • It is _____  to watch the Wizards come out flat and lose to the Nets.
  • Marcin Gortat playing really well as of late
  • Losing to the Nets pretty much locks up the 5th seed for the Wizards
  • The final Wizards home game was _____ ?
  • The Hawks sit the core of their team, Dave took a nap with the game in hand early
  • Duncan muses how poorly the Wizards’ second half of the season second half scoring stacks up next to its opponents
  • The guys flipped over to watch Russell Westbrook drop 54 against the Pacers
  • A look at the Eastern Conference standings
  • Who would you rather play in the first round? Bulls or Raptors? Do you want the matchup or the team playing poorly?
  • There are four teams vying for the #7 and #8 playoff spots
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Wall sits two straight games, comes out against the player-voted NBA awards, has career high 18 assists
  • How do the Wizards fair against the Pacers and Cavaliers to end the season?
  • NBA recommendations:

CT: Giannis Antetokounmpo rules. He had a sick block and dunk the other night. Also, Nelly gets arrested for crystal meth

Duncan: Enjoying the young Timberwolves

Max: Action Bronson’s “Fuck, That’s Delicious” YouTube series,the Curry One’s, Jonathan Abrams on Draymond Green talking shit
Dave: Sorting out the 2 through 6 seeds in the Western Conference