Today on ZardCast, because the season has officially come to an end, CT, Dave and Duncan have convened to say goodbye to the 2014-15 Washington Wizards by participating in a power hour.

After the first hour, the guys agree to press on into the night, talking all things Zards, a litany of NBA topics and all other matters of life as the show eventually go off the rails.

Now that the offseason has begun, ZardCast is taking a step back and will record monthly until the 2015-16 season is upon us. Then, the plan is to return to our usual once-weekly schedule.

Thanks to all those who listened throughout the season. It was a lot of fun, and watching that basketball team of ours wasn’t all that shabby either. We can’t wait to be back weekly next season when John Wall wins the MVP and the Wizards win the NBA title!

Download–PART 1

Download–PART 2