Position: Wide Receiver
Height / Weight: 5’10″ 197 lbs.
Age: 36 / Experience: 14
College: Michigan State

Derrick Mason could be considered the emotional leader of the offense. He could also be considered a basketcase. In either scenario, he was missed in Baltimore when he suddenly retired prior to training camp. Who was going to catch the ball? How is this offense going to function? All these questions emerged and then suddenly he returned and everything was alright. He went on to catch 73 balls for 1028 yards and 7 TDs. Yet it was also the mental lapses that we cannot get out of our heads, the multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties or the dropped TD in Pittsburgh or the disappearance in certain games. So while the Ravens were very dependent on him in 2009, his presence also cost them at points.

2010 Oulook: This should be an interesting year for the aging receiver because the team will not depend on him to be the man. He is not the man behind the man. With Boldin in town. the double teams should be gone. The lockdown corners will now be locking down someone else. Mason should have more opportunities to catch the ball and come up with big plays. The question is whether or not Mason can accept this new role as well as avoid the mental blunders. Mason’s overall offensive productivity will decrease. It has to decrease With Rice becoming more prolific in the offense, with Boldin emerging as Flacco’s main target, and Stallworth providing a strong #3 option. That still does not decrease Mason’s effectiveness. The Ravens offense is expecting great things and part of that is having Derrick Mason continuing to bring every game.