One of the best parts of last night’s Home Run Derby was Adam Jones stopping by the ESPN set to eat a few Nathan’s Hot Dogs. His Twitter and Instagram followers know that Jones’ is always hungry, even in the middle of the Derby.


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  1. I have heard HGH makes you hungry all the time,,,,,just sayin’…………………

    • The dude has done all the right things since he got here. I wish he played for the Ravens because then you’d see that.

      He even went to every playoff game and the Super Bowl and was a fixture with your boys. Struck up a great friendship with Torrey Smith (if you were on Twitter, you’d know) but you beat the guy up every chance you get.

      Really, really good guy who represents your city well. Maybe someday you’ll see it.

    • HGH…just when I thought you were straight….!

  2. anonymous hippopotamus

    “HEY! He uses Heinz products! What is he a Steeler fan?!? Boo him next home game!” – Ravens Fans

    • This literally made me laugh out loud.

      Jones really has become one of my favorite players. I love his attitude. He always takes responsibility for mistakes. He’s hysterical. He just seems like a great guy. The Ravens aren’t my number 1 football team, but I absolutely loved his support of the team throughout the season and playoffs. It meant a lot to me as a Baltimorean.

    • The Heinz empire is in New England.

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