Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens quarterbackFive weeks into the new NFL season and with a close win over the Dolphins on Sunday, the Ravens have improved their record to 3-2. Hoping for a sixth consecutive playoff appearance, they’re currently sitting in 1st place in the AFC North Division however share the same amount of wins with both the Browns and Bengals.

Listed below is a statistical analysis of how the some key Ravens are traveling individually so far this season, with some players making considerable improvements whilst others, having not started the season as well as they have started seasons prior.

Joe Flacco (QB)

Joe Flacco has completed just 57.7% (116 of 201) of his passes in the first five weeks, which is below his career mark of 60.3%. In addition, he has recorded 5 touchdowns and 8 interceptions, which is by far the worst start to a season as he has ever had. Prior to the season commencing, he had recorded career totals of 102 touchdowns and 56 interceptions in regular season play. Now in his sixth season, Flacco has never had more than 12 interceptions in a single season and with 11 games remaining, that figure is likely to increase.

Ray Rice (RB)

Ray Rice, keeping in mind the recent injury concerns, has had a slow start to the season. He has played four of the five games and has rushed for 163 yards in 57 attempts, for an average of 2.9. This figure is well below his career average of 4.5. In addition, Rice has just 72 yards receiving, at an average of just 4.2. This too is well below his career mark of 8.5. Finally, Rice has 2 fumbles already this season and is set to eclipse his season high of 3, which was set in 2009.

Justin Tucker (K)

Since Justin Tucker came onto the scene last season, replacing Billy Cundiff, like most other Ravens fans I have been very impressed by this youngster’s composure and reliability under pressure. In his rookie season, Tucker converted just under 91% (30 from 33) of field goal attempts and 100% (42 from 42) of exta-point attempts. Thankfully for Ravens fans, he has continued this good form into his second season, converting 84.6% (11 from 13) of field goal attempts and 100% (12 from 12) of extra-point attempts. Very impressive stuff from the 23-year-old Kicker.

Terrell Suggs (OLB)

After a solid yet unspectacular start to the season, Terrell Suggs entered beast mode in week five much to the delight of Ravens fans all over the globe. Against the Dolphins, Suggs recorded 3 sacks to take his season tally to 7. Now into his eleventh season with the Ravens, Suggs recorded 14 sacks in 2011 and is well and truly on track to set a new personal best mark. To further highlight his good start to the season, Suggs has laid 36 tackles in the first five weeks and at this pace, is set to achieve another personal best, having laid 80 tackles in 2007.

Torrey Smith (WR)

Statistically, Torrey Smith has had a great start to the new season with 27 receptions for a total of 556 yards. When compared to his first two seasons with the Ravens, Smith is heading for a career best season. In 2011 Smith had 50 receptions for 841 yards and last season he had 49 receptions for 855 yards. One somewhat concerning factor however is Smith’s lack of touchdowns in the first five weeks, having just the one against Buffalo.

Sam Koch (P)

Now into his eighth season, Sam Koch has had a solid start to the season averaging 46.5 yards with 31 punts. In comparison to his career average of 44.7 it is slightly higher, however he has already had one punt blocked and six travel out-of-bounds – Something which needs to be improved upon.

Guest post by Daniel Clark from Pen & Paper Sports. Follow Daniel on Twitter @DJC_Sports.