I’ve been awfully defensive of the Baltimore Orioles as of late. While the Phillies are signing Roy Halladay, the Mariners are signing Cliff Lee, and the Red Sox are getting John Lackey, the Birds got Kevin Millwood. But, I’m happy. Let me tell you why you should be too.

For one thing, the Orioles lost virtually nothing, Chris Ray, to get an experienced reliable starter in Kevin Millwood. These are the types of moves that Baltimore will make in the off season because they did not give up young talent and gained something needed in return.

The Orioles need three main parts to fill in their gaps from 2009. A first baseman, a third baseman, and pitchers. But, if the price isn’t absolutely right for any of these positions they will make due with what they have.

Baltimore is going to break the bank for Adrian Gonzalez from San Diego. If they do give up young pitching they must be guaranteed to get something better in return.

With that in mind, lots of fans are disappointed that Andy MacPhail hasn’t gone after the big free agents. Let’s be honest though folks, the big free agents are coming to Baltimore. You can throw as much money as you want at them, it’s not going to happen. John Lackey just got an AJ Burnett type deal with the Red Sox, something that Baltimore is completely willing to give, but John Lackey doesn’t want to play in Baltimore.

MacPhail knows that and he’s trying to build a team that will entice the big free agents in the future.

It’s tough to ask Baltimore fans to be patient, you have for over a decade. But the pieces are falling into place and unlike football, this takes time. I look forward to seeing how MacPhail and the Birds move forward.