ReOpening Day - Baltimore Orioles

Our hats are off to the guys from ReOpening Day. The idea may have started small, but it has snowballed to bring much needed positivity to the city and Orioles’ fan base.

Look, the problems we face are far greater than this. No one is suggesting that a night on the town and taking in a baseball game can solve the fundamental issues that led to Baltimore tearing itself apart in April.

But it’s OK to hope that an event like this could help… a little… right?

We intend to find out.

Come down to Nobles in Federal Hill before the game. In addition to the existing specials, we’ll be giving away drinks, thanks to the generosity of one Orioles fan. Join us at 6:00pm for the giveaway.

We can’t wait to tell you his story. 


We’ll be recording our show at some point, but you won’t be able to hear it at the bar – the night isn’t about us. We’ll retreat to a quiet corner (ha!) to knock back a couple Drinks of the Week, and knock out a few segments. Look for the show here tomorrow morning.