After sweeping the Twins, the Orioles have dropped their first two against the New York Yankees.  That basically means that we don’t know anything about how the 2012 baseball season will play out.  Either the Twins are just as terrible as they were last season or the Orioles aren’t as good as they looked just five days ago.

But fear not fellow Baltimorons, there is still reason to be happy.  Up north in Boston things still don’t seem to be going well for the Red Sox.  They’ve begun the season with a 1-4 record and after Tuesday night’s loss to the Blue Jays, manager Bobby Valentine called one of his decisions “dumb.”

Bobby V decided to leave relief pitcher Justin Thomas in to face J.P. Arencibia in the sixth inning in hopes of forcing a double play.  Arencibia crushed a 3-1 fastball to the deepest part of the ball park and blew the game open with two more runs.

Just a dumb move,” Valentine said about the decision.  “I don’t like being dumb.  I like doing what I’m supposed to do.”

He’s not exactly instilling confidence into Red Sox nation with those comments.

“I didn’t know [Thomas] well enough,” he added according to WEEI.  “I thought he would get a changup and maybe the changeup would be just as good as the sinker.  He got a changeup, hit it off the end of the bat and blooped it into center field.”

The Sox fell to Toronto 7-3.  They wrap their series against the Jays on Wednesday, then open up a homestand against the Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees.  It’s not about to get much easier for Bobby V.