Bryant McKinnie - Ravens offensive lineman

Never change, Bryant McKinnie.

Bryant McKinnie - Ravens tackle DM's Dolphins fan pageBaltimore is abuzz about a screenshot that was shared on Twitter of Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie direct messaging a Miami Dolphins fan page, saying that he wants to return to South Beach.

“I wanna come back! Need u to try to get it trending on here #MckinnieNMiami or something like that,” McKinnie’s message reads.

“Okay I will! you should tell the ravens front office,” the other account responded.

Though none of this has been verified or confirmed as true, it isn’t hard to believe that McKinnie would stoop to such tactics. With the Ravens recent acquisition of Eugene Monroe and his horrible play against the ‘Phins, McKinnie has to see the writing on the wall.

McKinnie responded on Twitter:

If he’s going to leave Baltimore, he might as well go back to Miami. South Beach is the perfect location for The Love Boat.