Dez WellsI’m excited. Excited most of all for a kid that did nothing wrong in the eyes of the law and now has been completely exonerated. Excited to see that every piece of the puzzle is now in place to make a run at the top of the conference. So considering I already poured a bunch of words in to how unjust it was that Wells wasn’t eligible, I’m going to attack this quickly from a basketball standpoint.

If you look at any Maryland basketball preview on the internet, there’s a 50/50 chance that there are in fact two predictions that read something similar to “With Wells” and “Without Wells”. Just seeing that alone should give you an idea of the type of impact Wells will have on this team.

He was All-Freshman A-10 last season, and would’ve certainly been a candidate for All-A10 this season as Xavier’s best player. He fits seamlessly as a shooting guard, a piece this team was wanting for, and adds significant talent and depth to the Maryland guards.

For the first time in a long time, Maryland athletics has caught a break and the NCAA finally got something right. Because of those two things happening in conjunction, Maryland’s basketball ceiling is now in the process of being vaulted.