32,862 people came out to Camden Yards to watch the first place Baltimore Orioles secure a series win against their AL East foe, the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday night.

That ain’t too shabby.  For once, I actually won’t complain about the attendance.

Mark Viviano said that crowd was “by far the loudest” of the year tweeting that it was “louder than Opening Day.”

Rays third baseman Evan Longoria even commented on the fans in Baltimore, although his reaction might not go over as well.  “I love all these Os fans now diggin themselves too,” Longoria tweeted.  “Just don’t get too obnoxious, it can sometimes be a bit excessive.”

I’m a bit confused by the first part of the tweet.

I also have to imagine that obnoxious Baltimore fans couldn’t hold a candle to the hecklers Longoria is used to in the Bronx or Fenway.

To be fair to Longoria, his team continues to finish on top of the division and has become a proven winner, but the fans in Tampa Bay don’t come out to support the Rays at Tropicana Field.  I would imagine that Camden Yards had been a comfy slice of home for the Rays until the Baltimore fans started showing up to support the first place O’s.

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  2. I’m with Longoria. It’s fun to enjoy a win, but no reason to get to cocky. The Rays are doing a fine job making the O’s look awful today.

    • It’s fans like you who have turned me against the Ravens.

      I can honestly believe you were never an Orioles fan, but enjoyed wallowing in the misery of their demise. This whole thing could come unravelled at any minute, but I will revel in it while it lasts. I notice that some of your other buddies are strangely missing as well during this hot streak. It’s okay, I know you’re lurking in the shadows just hoping against hope that the team fails and then pointing out the obvious.

      It sad.

      • What did I say that makes you think this? I said that O’s fans shouldn’t get cocky. I don’t think anyone has the right to get cocky. Love your team, but let them play it out on the field. Swagger on Twitterverse doesn’t help anyone.

        • It’s pretty clear from your last two postings. One talking about “laughing at Duquette and Showalter” and now taking up for Longoria when you assume he means he’s taking abuse via Twitter. He never said that, in fact if you go back and look at his Twitter there’s no evidence of that UNTIL he posted his incoherant rant when he did get jumped on.

          BTW, he also later apologized, so maybe you should know the whole story.

          Go Ravens!!! and Don’t worry, I’m sure some tough times are ahead for the Orioles.

          • Special Teams Guru,

            There is no correlation between the two posts. One has to do with my loyalty to a player and the other one has to do with trying to make sense of a 140 character tweet.

            Just because you don’t happen to agree with them, does not make them ANTI-ORIOLES. You talk about how much you hate the Ravens fans for blindly following Ozzie and the Ravens, well aren’t you doing the same by not allowing me to speak against the O’s.

        • Odd. When I had nice things to say about the Steelers’ organization two seasons ago it was akin to blasphemy. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  3. Tampa doesn’t have a problem bringing in fans on the weekends. When your stadium is located in a city full of snowbirds that takes two hours to get to on a week night because of traffic, the attemndance is bound to suffer. O’s fans don’t have to sit on a bridge in 100 degree heat for two hours to get to a game right after work. Must be nice to have a stadium in the heart of your city. Maybe one day Tampa will have that luxury. God knows St. Pete doesn’t deserve it.

    • Never heard that excuse before, do you have one for the ratings being down last year?

      • The ratings were down last year, but even with a down year, they were still in the top 10 of all MLB teams being viewed last year. The ratings are up this year by the way.

    • How bad is it trying to get to the game from places like Palm Harbor?

  4. Who cares guys? Its good baseball and its awesome to watch the O’s do good and be on top besides Yanks or Sox. I am a Rays fan and I just enjoy baseball. Oriole park is a beautiful park and fans are gonna be cocky. ITS PART OF BASEBALL! Just enjoy your team playin good baseball.

    • Thanks Jon.

      Trust me, I wanted to beat the Red Sox to help the Rays. I consider the rivalry with the Rays a friendly one.

      But also, thank you for recognizing that after 14 years of losing, some of us want to puff out our chest and get 14 years of aggravation out. It’s harmless, really, and if you’re thick skinned – as it sounds like you are – it rolls off your back.

      It’s tough though when your own “fans” chastise you for letting off a little steam.

  5. Absolutely dude lol. Its part of the game! Thats why I was pissed at all these Rays fans just fussin about how the Orioles beat us because longoria and jennings were injured. However, what they fail to realize is that injuries, heckling, and being pumped about your team is a HUGE part of the game. If I got upset at every idiot fan out there, I wouldnt be a fan lol. The orioles won two of those games and almost 3 because they had timely hitting, unreal pitching from their bullpen, and they took advantage of TB mistakes. Im excited about this season because I think the O’s and Rays will both be right there. But then again, anything can happen in baseball. Enjoy all this dude, I enjoy the orioles cuz I went to games as a kid when my gma lived in Essex. Puff that chest out lol, Lord knows every other fan does when their team plays well.

  6. I’d be happy with the Rays and O’s both making the playoffs. Your team made the template for beating the high priced Yankees and Red Sox. Hopefully the Orioles are taking notes.

    Come on back to the post anytime.

  7. I like the Rays, I don’t see why Longoria is raining on our parade just because we have a little success for once. Not very friendly considering the fact that O’s fans are usually on your side, and the O’s were happy to help you avoid a one game playoff last season. Maybe some fan yelled something at him or whatever, it’s still lame of him.

  8. Bottom line……Its petty and irrelevant! People are always gonna talk. Its just part of the game unfortunately.

  9. Orioles are killin it! Hardy was such a huge pickup for the O’s

  10. I have no problem with the O’s enjoying some early success. I’d love to see them finish 2nd in the division and make the playoffs.
    Longoria didn’t mean anything by it, he’s not a malicious dude. I’m sure he appreciates what the O’s are doing in that division considering the payrolls and teams they’re facing in the East.

  11. Dontcha just love it, an opposing player, playing in OUR park, telling us fans how to behave. Shut up Evan, and go home to your empty stadium!

  12. Well, the O’s have nothing to brag about on the subject of attendance either. A one-game high turnout does not make a successful loyal fan base. Just last week, sports casters were talking about the low numbers of fans turning up to watch the Os even when they’re winning and how it’s become more of a football town. The fans showed up on one night because the Os were playing their current rivals in defending their AL East lead. And Evan’s right. Cocky fans are annoying. That’s why most don’t enjoy the Boston fans in their stadiums.

  13. Bottom line too is that you gotta respect teams who WIN. Orioles are winning. Rays are winning as well, w/ 9 players on the DL including a few star players. Both teams are legit

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