32,862 people came out to Camden Yards to watch the first place Baltimore Orioles secure a series win against their AL East foe, the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday night.

That ain’t too shabby.  For once, I actually won’t complain about the attendance.

Mark Viviano said that crowd was “by far the loudest” of the year tweeting that it was “louder than Opening Day.”

Rays third baseman Evan Longoria even commented on the fans in Baltimore, although his reaction might not go over as well.  “I love all these Os fans now diggin themselves too,” Longoria tweeted.  “Just don’t get too obnoxious, it can sometimes be a bit excessive.”

I’m a bit confused by the first part of the tweet.

I also have to imagine that obnoxious Baltimore fans couldn’t hold a candle to the hecklers Longoria is used to in the Bronx or Fenway.

To be fair to Longoria, his team continues to finish on top of the division and has become a proven winner, but the fans in Tampa Bay don’t come out to support the Rays at Tropicana Field.  I would imagine that Camden Yards had been a comfy slice of home for the Rays until the Baltimore fans started showing up to support the first place O’s.