Chris Davis continues to rake. On Wednesday he hit his fourth homer in six games, his league-leading 25th of the season. Jim Palmer talked about how relaxed he looks at the plate, saying that he almost looks asleep as the pitch is delivered to the plate.

He seems to have no problem waking up.

GIF of number 25 after the bump.

Chris Davis hits his 25th homer

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  1. anonymous hippopotamus

    The second one was even more impressive.

  2. Christopher Lyn Davis.

    Nothing else need be said.

  3. BaltimoreGIFreport

  4. When will the media start talking steroids,,,,,,,,you just know it’s going to happen , as they have tainted everything baseball………………….I don’t think he used steroids , maybe HGH , but since it was so prevelant in recent years it makes you wonder a bit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I sure hope not , but you never know,,,,,,,,,,,,who would have guessed Brian Roberts juiced up ?

  5. Just noticed the blog on Nestor,,,,,,,,,you see , it has already started , as one of the posters said ‘ in todays world it is normal to talk about steroids’…………………….you can try to avoid it if you wish but the possibility is there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I hope not , Davis seems like a nice guy , but I thought this about Roberts also……………..and what about Tiger Woods , who would have thought he would be connected to Balco ?

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