You knew the Orioles would commit two errors just a few hours after I raved about their defense. Oh well.

Regardless of the errors, Nate McLouth made an absolutely fantastic catch in the bottom of the sixth on a fly ball hit to left field off the bat of Colby Rasmus. McLouth made the catch and his momentum carried him into the stands.

Then things turned ugly and someone from the upper deck chucked a beer at him. I’m guessing it was a Molson.

GIF after the bump.

Nate  McLouth nasty catch

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  1. It was a very good catch , he is supposed to make these cathes , he has a gold glove that was earned , not given like Adam’s , a nice catch is not an epic catch,,,,,,,,,,,,the over the shoulder Willie May’s catch is EPIC , not this one……………………..

  2. Watching this again, here, look at the ball “snow-coning” out of his glove before the tumble. Look at how he seems to chase after the ball once tumbling into the stands.

    I think he dropped it.

  3. Well, all I can say is, if the ball came out of the glove, why didn’t the fans scramble for it?

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