John Harbaugh dismissed The Baltimore Sun’s report that the Ravens questioned Jim Zorn’s teaching methods and feared that Zorn would become insubordinate. Habrbaugh told that Zorn’s departure will remain “as private as these matters can be.”

“The report initiated by The Baltimore Sun and repeated by ProFootballTalk is inaccurate and unfair to Jim Zorn. In no way does it describe Jim’s relationship with the Ravens, and that includes with his fellow coaches while here and our players.

“Jim’s departure from the Ravens will remain as private as these matters can be, but we feel it’s necessary to at least point out that this report is inaccurate. It is not true in any way, shape or form.”

Harbaugh’s comments continue a trend of confusion going through the castle. If the report was inaccurate why didn’t Harbaugh offer some insight on his departed coach? By keeping the matter private, Harbaugh allows the matter to continue to grow by insinuating that there is more to there story than there appears.