Jim CaldwellI’m not sure how much of a difference it would have made for Cam Cameron, but the Baltimore Ravens‘ new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell told reporters on Thursday that he plans to call the plays from upstairs in the booth.

“That’s my plan,” Caldwell told reporters in his press conference on Thursday. “Whatever John [Harbaugh] wants me to do, that’s where I’ll be. At this point, that’s where I plan to be.”

I’ve never called plays in the NFL before — of course, neither has Caldwell — but I would assume that visualizing things from upstairs would be easier than standing on the sideline during the chaos of the game.

For what it’s worth, defensive coordinator Dean Pees made the switch from sidelines to the booth earlier this year.

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  1. Jim Caldwell calling the plans from the moon is better than Cam Cameron calliny ANY plays!

  2. Wow! Is it not bad enough that when Flacco is on the sidelines he doesn’t look at photos of formations from the game, he doesn’t talk to his players, no players talk to him and now his coach is in the booth.

    Look at all the other QB’s in football. On the sideline they are looking at photos, talking to receivers or coaches, etc.

    Not the great Flacco! He doesn’t need any help… He’s great already…

    The guy is a piece of shit that no one on the team likes. Let his ass go. Put MGW in there. MGW can do the same thing Flacco does, overthrow receivers on short routes and throw short to receivers on long routes then MGW would go to the sideline and look stupid just like Flacco. Plus MGW would do it for league minimum.

    If the Ravens pay big bucks for Flacco then they deserve to lose. This team is on a downward spiral anyway cause Harbaugh sucks. With his doghouse and non coaching this team is going down. That’s another one, you ever see Harbaugh coaching his players on the sideline? Hell no… He stands there and looks stupid waiting to throw the red flag on a play that was definately called correctly. How many timeouts has Harbaugh blown with incorrect flag throwing?

  3. Looks like the same play book:

    1. Flacco fumble left
    2. Flacco INT right
    3. Flacco hold the ball too long sack

  4. At least Flake-O is consistent. The Ravens have been exposed, no offense, no defense. The Giants will beat them 30-10, Cincy will beat them 31-20. This team has been over rated for 3 or four years now.

  5. No, HARBAUGH has been exposed!

  6. All I think he was calling this weekend was for pizza. He deff. was calling plays for the game.

  7. People , please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,look at this O-line , poor Joe doesn’t have a chance , if you ever played football or watched enough games you would know ‘games are won or lost in the trenches’,,,,,period,,,,,,,,,,,,get off joe’s back…………..

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