Joe Flacco “sounds like a baby” when he complains about the officiating from the NFL’s replacement referees. His words, not mine.

But here are mine.

If you put your team in a position to be beaten by a bad call, or many bad calls from a terrible group of replacement referees in this case, it’s still your fault. Don’t let officials decide your fate. I have zero sympathy for the Ravens, who began the second half with a turnover and three straight three-and-outs on Sunday.

The replacement refs are “affecting the integrity of the game,” Flacco said in his postgame comments. He said players don’t know what is considered holding and mocked the referee who called offensive pass interference on Jacoby Jones saying “he didn’t even throw a flag, he threw a blue beanie.”

It’s true. These guys are brutal. I’m not mad at them, I’m mad at the billion dollar league that refuses to pay their already underpaid regular officiating staff.

But Flacco had a chance to drive down the field and make this thing right. He and the Ravens still blew a 17-7 lead. That’s on him and the team, not the refs.