Ravens QB Joe Flacco Makes The Cover Of SI

Joe Flacco makes the cover of Sports Illustrated

Joe Flacco is the main feature in this week’s regional Sports Illustrated. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback is shown with a large headline that reads: “DEAR JOE, Last Weekend You Took Down Peyton. On Sunday You Get Brady — And the Chance, Once and for All, to Rewrite Your Legacy. All the Best, The Football Gods”

Geesh. No pressure.

Those whining about how the Ravens never get any national attention will probably overlook this one or talk about how it’s a negative headline.

Will you be grabbing one?

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  1. Well, there you have it, sportsfans: the Infamous
    Sports Illustrated curse!

  2. I love how the “football gods” seem to think that getting to the playoff every year he’s been ni the friggin league and to the AFC Championship 3 times in the last 5 years is a legacy that Joe needs to “rewrite” … $5 says that after the Ravens beat the Pats, the story will be “Why the Pats let Baltimore win …”

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