Tebow-mania is every where.  It’s on signs that taunt Steelers fans in Denver, it’s become Dave Gilmore’s latest obsession and now it’s taken over ice hockey.

In the Capitals 5-2 loss to the Kings in Los Angeles last night, defenseman Jack Johnson Tebowed in celebration of his goal during the second period.  While the twitterverse exploded, Karl Alzner told the media after the game that he didn’t think it was as funny as the rest of the country did.

“I understand he’s just trying to be funny, but still it’s kind of a stupid celebration,” Alzner said according to Stephen Shyno of The Washington Times.  “It’s like those teams in the world junior riding their stick giving high-fives across the bench.”

Alzner wouldn’t have had to worry about being Tebowed if the Capitals could have stopped a defenseman from scoring. Johnson’s goal was followed by two more and the Capitals dropped their second straight game on the road.