Buck Showalter screams at Angel HernandezOn June 21, Chris Davis struck out swinging on a pitch in the dirt against Blue Jays starter R.A. Dickey. The ball was dropped by Jays’ catcher Josh Thole so Davis jogged down the line until he heard umpire Angel Hernandez call foul ball.

After a discussion with Toronto’s manager, John Gibbons, and the rest of his umpiring crew, Hernandez decided that the pitch was not fouled off Davis’ bat and instead called him out at first base after a dropped third strike. Upon this flip-flop, Orioles manager Buck Showalter flipped out.

He came out to argue whether Hernandez called the pitch a foul ball, stating that Davis stopped running after he made this call. After a heated discussion, Showalter was ejected.

Why am I bringing up an ejection from June 21? Because Deadspin writer Evan Burrell read the lips of Showalter and Hernandez and transcribed their conversation. You can read the whole darn thing after the bump.

BS: [Obscured] you call foul ball, [Obscured]

AH: [Obscured], that’s my point.

BH: Why did you stop…[Obscured] Tell me why [Obscured]

AH: [Obscured]

BS: [Obscured]… you can’t have both! You [Obscured]

(Conversation obscured)

BS: The ball cannot be called over there! That’s all. You know it. [Obscured], you think about that!

AH: I can’t [Obscured]

BS: Of course you did!

AH: Because I thought the ball hit the bat!

BS: You’re supposed to be fair! You’re being unfair now.

AH: I did everything I could.

BS: Our guy’s running, the ball’s over there …

AH: He knows—

BS: Why’d he stop!?

AH: Why’d he stop?

BS: Because you called foul ball! [Obscured]

AH: No, Buck, because [Obscured] —

AH: The ball came back.

BS: Did you say foul ball?

AH: Yes, I did.

BS: Okay, that’s why he stopped.

AH: No, he didn’t hear that.

BS: You can’t be—OH, BULLS–T!

AH: Okay.

BS: You don’t know what he did!

AH: That’s all I got, Buck.

BS: You can’t do that! F—ing ball’s rolling over here!

AH: Okay.

BS: [Obscured] He’s over here!

AH: [Obscured]

BS: YOU CALLED [Obscured]

AH: You go! (throws him out)

BS: The f—ing, the ball’s rolled over here! Your arms are up here! (Showalter is pantomiming Hernandez giving the foul ball signal.)

AH: I know that!

BS: You can’t do that! You can’t [Obscured] you can’t do that! … (pointing to the other umps) he’s wrong, he’s wrong, he’s wrong, [Obscured] (“ejects” umpires from game).

AH: Okay.

BS: [Obscured] That’s wrong! The ball was over [Obscured] … you tell me how that’s fair! Tell me how that’s fair. Help me.

AH: [Obscured]

BS: Right, but the play’s not over, Angel. You stopped the play. You can’t make it roll away.

AH: I get it.

Buck Showalter screams at Angel Hernandez, gets ejected

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