Abdominal strain. Herniated disk in his back. Pneumonia. Left shin contusion. Strained left hip. Right knee hit by pitch. Flu-like symptoms. Headaches. Concussion symptoms.

And that, my friends, is a list of all of the physical setbacks and injuries that Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts dealt with in 2010. The back is the key problem that kept him out for the bulk of weeks for most of the year, though every other injury on that list made him miss at least a set of games. Playing in only 59 contests, Roberts still managed a .278 batting average and 12 steals.

The key to 2011 for BRob is obviously staying healthy. We know the range of stats we will get from the guy will be about a .280 average, .350 OBP, and anywhere between 20-40 steals, 20-50 doubles, 50-80 walks, and 80-110 runs scored, all depending on the number of games played. His presence in the lineup alone helps to boost the lineup of sluggers behind him because of how many pitches he is able to take and foul off, something that is only recognized by watching his style of play, not as easily noted in statistical data.

He is also a plus defender for the O’s, something that the team lacked for many games in 2010. A combination of guys like Ty Wigginton, Scott Moore, Julio Lugo, and others took over that position last year, none of which had quite the double play ability and range that Brian Roberts brings to the table.