The Baltimore Orioles are worth $618 million according to Forbes annual list list of the most valuable baseball franchises. The O’s reportedly earned $206 million in 2012.

$618 million seems like a huge number — and it is — but the Orioles actually rank 17th overall in Major League Baseball are below the average value, $744 million.

To no surprise, the Yankees are baseball’s most valuable franchise at $2.3 billion, ahead of the Dodgers ($1.615 billion), Red Sox ($1.312 billion), Cubs ($1 billion) and Phillies ($893 millions).

To give you an idea of the O’s value, they’re behind the White Sox ($692 million), Mariners ($644 million), Tigers ($643 million), Nationals ($631 million), Braves ($629 million) and Astros ($626 million).

The Orioles 2013 payroll is $80,804,000, 18th in the league.