Chris Davis hits 50th home run.There is hope for humanity after all.

Steve Houff, an Orioles fan from Ellicott City, was in Toronto to witness Chris Davis50th home run of the 2013 season and purchased the ball for $100 from a Blue Jays fan to give to CD after the game. What a guy.

Houff (pictured to the left of Crush) met Davis after the game and posed for pictures with the Orioles slugger. Eduardo Encina of the Baltimore Sun tweets that Houff received a bat and an autograph ball from Davis in exchange for the 50th home run ball. “His [four] buddies were also given signed balls,” Encina adds.

Why wouldn’t the Jays fan just give Davis the ball? He could have gotten a bat and a signed ball in return. That’s got to be worth more than 100 bucks, right? Oh well, his loss.

Davis told that he didn’t think he’d ever see that baseball again. “I think this is probably a tough crowd to get a ball back. I didn’t see the ball get thrown back, but hopefully we can rustle it up.”

Rustle it up they dad. Steve Houff, you’re BSR’s hero of the day.