Orioles Plaid Hat Giveaway Scheduled For September 5 Vs. White Sox

Orioles plaid hat giveaway - September 5 vs White SoxAttention fist pumping Orioles fans: this giveaway is for you.

On Thursday September 5 the O’s are handing out 10,000 plaid hats to fans 15 and over in attendance for the game against the Chicago White Sox. As the picture to the right shows, Adam Jones has autographed 12 of them that will be randomly handed out.

If you rock the below the knee plaid shorts and are a fan of the Birds, you better get your tickets now.

It will certainly be interesting to see the attendance at Camden Yards on the fifth. In case you forgot, that was the date that Roger Goodell and the NFL tried to strong arm the Orioles and Major League Baseball into moving their game to accompany the Ravens home opener. Fans who don’t know how the NFL operates (have you seen the news of Goodell and co. pulling the plug on an ESPN documentary about concussions?) still think the Orioles are to blame for the Ravens opening on the road.


It should also be noted that even though plaid isn’t my style, the O’s have had some pretty awesome giveaways this season. Their BP hat, Crush Davis and Base Bandit shirts have been some of my personal favorites.

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  1. Zach, many a fan have been hoodwinked by the NFL in this town.

    NOT the Ravens, but the league the Ravens play in.

    Let’s get the facts straight – The NFL didn’t want to play on Wednesday the 4th of September due to Rosh Hassonah, yet they had to a Sunday night game last year just past sundown on the very same holiday last year. Oh, by the way, if you check your calendar, the holiday falls on Sunday again next year, so I guess we should suspect that the Sunday night games will be cancelled next year?! Anybody want to wager that doesn’t happen.

    This was all about the Benjamins. The NFL lost some serious cake last year due to the President giving his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

    No chance they lose out on the money this year.

    Of course the NFL employs some of the best spin doctors in the business and now it’s MLB’s fault that they wouldn’t move this game in the midst of a 20 straight games stretch without a day off for the Orioles.

    • But they said it was MLBs fault on TV during last Thursdays pre-season game,,,,,,,,,,so it must be true,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Zach , your bias is showing , you to MGW……………….

  3. Will someone get these guys a Playgirl book?

  4. anonymous hippopotamus

    The NFL is also telling players they aren’t allowed to wear merchandise from other professional sports leagues. It’s no surprise the NFL continues to blame the O’s.

  5. I’m sure there will be a few semi baseball fans enticed by this very generous offer…who doesn’t love a free hat? Unfortunately for the Orioles, this is a football town. And while the Orioles will undoubtably lose another gripping and pivotal game, and watch their wild card hopes disappear over the horizon, I will be watching our Super Bowl Champion Ravens play in a game that should’ve been in Baltimore!

    • I agree with you 100% Nick. The NFL should have played this game in Baltimore last night. They played the opener on Wednesday night last year, coulda did the same this year.

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