After sweeping the Seattle Mariners, the Orioles head south to St. Petersburg to face the first place Tampa Bay Rays.

This morning on 105.7 The Fan, Mark Viviano alerted listeners that this Friday the 13th, the O’s will be staying in a the Renaissance Vinoy Hotel, famously known for being haunted.

If you’ve never heard of the Vinoy hotel, ball players have been describing super natural experiences after their time their for years.  Players, coaches and media members have talked about bags moving from closets to beds, messages being written in mirrors and other strange encounters in their nights at Vinoy.

One of the most famous stories comes from former Reds relief pitcher, Scott Williamson, who stayed at the Vinoy in mid-June of 2003.  Williamson had never heard of the hotel being haunted but recalled a “faint light coming from the pool area” after he had turned the lights off to go to sleep.  “I got this tingling sensation going through my body like someone was watching me, you know,” he said according to

“Then I roll over to my stomach. And all of the sudden it felt like someone was just pushing down, like this pressure, and I was having trouble breathing. So I rolled back over. I thought, ‘That’s weird.’ I did it again, rolled back on my stomach. All of sudden, it’s like I just couldn’t breathe. It felt like someone was sitting on me or something.”

This time when Williamson rolled onto his back, he opened his eyes. “I looked, and someone was standing right where the curtains were. A guy with a coat. And it looked like he was from the 40s, or 50s, or 30s – somewhere around that era.”

After researching the hotel and ESPN running Williamson’s story, it was discovered the hotel’s owner, who happened to also be named Williamson, died in a fire years ago.

After the Reds left the Pirates headed into town and their strength and conditioning coordinator, Frank Velasquez had a similar experience.

Tired from the trip, Frank Velasquez, strength and pitching coordinator for the Pirates, didn’t hang around to wait for his bags from the bus driver. He undressed, laid down, and conked out. At around five in the morning, he opened his eyes and saw a sandy-haired, blue-eyed man standing in front of the window right by the desk. The figure was transparent and had on a white long-sleeved, button-collared shirt and khaki pants. His hairstyle suggested he was from another era.

Bullpen coach Bruce Tanner tells a similar story in which he was washing his hair in the shower and heard something hit the floor of the tub. He looked down and discovered a dime form the 1960s. Tanner wondered how it appeared to fall “out of thin air.”

Dozens of players have reported experiences at Venoy.  SyFy’s Ghost Hunters have investigated the halls of Vinoy.

This Friday the 13th, the Orioles check in to St. Petersburgh, we’ll have to pay close attention to their stories throughout the weekend.