Ray Rice versus BengalsPete Prisco Predictions Bengals Will Edge Ravens, Steelers In AFC North

CBS Sports’s Pete Prisco is full of bold predictions.

Last week on Twitter, I pointed out that after a training camp visit, Prisco thinks that the Cincinnati Bengals would win the AFC North.  “This is a big, talented, physical team that won’t back down to the two nasty-boy teams in the division in Pittsburgh and Baltimore,” he wrote in his camp report.  “They will win the AFC North — and push for more.”

Wow.  That’s some confidence right there.  Prisco never said, “if this clicks for Cinci, then they will win the AFC North.”  He flat out said the Bengals will win the North.

Is that disrespect towards the Baltimore Ravens?  Perhaps, but not as much as this next little diddy.

ESPN’s James Walker recently challenged Prisco on his assertion that the New England Patriots would finish 16-0 this season.  “The Patriots will need their “A” game to beat the Ravens in their home stadium,” Walker wrote about the September 23 match up. “This may end up being the toughest game on New England’s schedule.”

Truth be told, it’s the time of year for all reporters to make bold predictions.  If one or a couple of them stick, then they can talk about being right after the season.  If they don’t, then they get ignored.

But I’m sure Ravens fans are going to hold Prisco accountable for these two bold predictions.