stokleyWith the uncertainty of the situation at wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens continuing to grow as training camp wears on, the team reached into its past to help bolster the struggling unit.

The Ravens announced they have signed receiver Brandon Stokley to a one-year deal and will practice in front of fans this evening at the team’s open practice at M&T Bank Stadium.

Stokley, 37, won a championship with Baltimore in 2000 before leaving the team via free agency after the 2002 season. He played mainly as a slot receiver for head coach Brian Billick and will reprise that role again as the crop of young receivers this time around, namely Tandon Doss, Deonte Thompson and David Reed deal with inconsistency and injuries.

Beyond Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones, the Ravens lack a threat and with the current injury to Thompson, the Ravens needed a quick fix.

The 14-year veteran brings a toughness to the role, though he stands at just 5’11”, 200 pounds. But he’s a well-needed replacement because of his ability to stretch the field at times if needed, find soft spots in zones to get tough third down yardage and the hands to catch anything thrown at him. Its the solid possession receiver the Ravens lack at this current time.

Last season in Denver, Stokley caught 45 passes for 544 yards and five touchdowns. In his career, Stokley has 384 career receptions for 5,224 yards and 39 touchdowns.

The injury history throughout his career does give some pause for concern but if he can be effective down the seam for the Ravens – something they had in Anquan Boldin – this could be a very productive, short-term signing for the Ravens.

Matt Lund is a contributor for and co-host of the BSR Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @MattCLund.

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Matt Lund is a co-host of the BSR Podcast and regular contributor to BSR. A Towson University alum, Matt is a lifelong Baltimore sports fan and native of Charm City working in sports broadcasting.


  1. Reaks of desparation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ozzie never could find decent receivers , looks like the trend continues on,,,,,,,,,,,Gee , I thought Ozzie said this team was going to get younger and faster , guess he was drinking that day,,,,,,,,,,MY oh my , Boldin where are you ???????????????

    They paid all that money to Flacco but forgot to get him decent receivers , now it’s panic time,,,,,,where have I heard this before ??????????

  2. Stokely is a wasted pick up. What can a 40 yr old, slow guy going to do for us? may as well sign Mystery Man. he used to play flag football down in Dundock back in the ‘7o’s, most likely with Stokely.

  3. Come on Matt,,,,,,,,,,,,a little wishful thinking here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you know Stokley is a panic move , tell it like it is man , stop sugar coating this…………………….

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