A day after Yankees fans invaded Camden Yards for a weekend series against the Evil Empire, 105.7 The Fan’s Mark Viviano discussed obnoxious fans traveling to Baltimore’s stadiums on his show Monday morning.

Viviano received a call from a woman claiming to be the sister of an unnamed Ravens player. The woman told Viv that her boyfriend, a Steelers fan, receives free tickets from this player when Pittsburgh comes to town and she accompanies him at M&T Bank Stadium.

Upon further review, Viviano and the production staff at his show determined that the woman was the sister of Ravens cornerback Josh Wilson.

While diehard Ravens fans beg season ticket holders not to sell their tickets to Steelers’ fans, a member of the 53 man roster is giving his tickets to a fan who will root against him. At least according to a call from his sister.

How should fans be expected to pack the stadium with purple when players free tickets are being given to guys wearing Roethlisberger jerseys?  Something tells me you’d never see this happen in Pittsburgh.