For years Ravens fans have been talking about taking the shackles off and Joe Flacco and letting him fly as free as a bird, soaring through the playoffs and into the Super Bowl.  The talk radio shows are always populated by callers wishing that Cam Cameron would just let Joe be Joe and make decisions or call audibles at the line of scrimmage.

Over at, Tony Lombardi brings up an interested point about those handcuffs, noting that Flacco is one of the few NFL quarterbacks who does not wear the cheat sheet arm bands commonly seen in today’s game.

Lombardi writes that the arm band “gives a quarterback ample time to survey the defense and determine pre-snap if the play called in the huddle will work” and believes Flacco doesn’t need one because he’s not calling the shots on offense.

He points out that the Ravens have run only 61.7 plays per game over the past three seasons, ranking 23rd in most plays called on average during that span.

Could Cam Cameron be afraid of handing control over to Joe Flacco?  Do the Ravens think that he doesn’t have what it takes to make quick decisions at the line?

I can’t answer those questions, but I know that most of those elite guys that Flacco has his sites set on are sporting the arm band.