Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post tweeted that he is hearing that Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski has quite a few more fights planned than his two upcoming in Atlantic City. Zbikowski scored a TKO in his second career fight on Saturday Las Vegas.

Hearing from a source that Tom Zbikowski has a lot more fights planned than the two currently set for Atlantic City.less than a minute ago via web

Zbi, not under the Ravens or league’s contract restraints, is free to box as much as he pleases until the players union and owners make an agreement and end the lockout.

The question many fans have been pondering given Zbikowski’s success in the ring is whether boxing could replace his NFL career. Obviously a life in the NFL is typically more luxurious on 2011 than life as a professional boxer, but Zbi’s abilities (at least early on) appear to be greater in the ring than on the field.