The Washington Post is reporting it’s all but a certainty that five-star WR/DB Stefon Diggs is coming to Maryland. What is the Good Counsel prep phenom himself saying? Have a look at his recent tweets:

Then there’s this little gem. Clearly Diggs is having fun with the whole process (i.e. effing with everyone). Diggs was supposed to announce on Comcast SportsNet tonight at 10, but the buzz on Twitter says the announcement has been moved to Looney’s Pub in College Park at 6. This would point to an obvious commitment on Maryland’s part to land its most highly-touted recruit since the troubled Randallstown star Melvin Alaeze.

Of course, a five-star recruit announcing he’s going to Florida at a bar in College Park would be a very Randy Edsall-ish thing to happen to the Terps right now.