I can already tell that Cam Cameron has that look in his eye.  That crazed ‘I know what it will take for this offense to succeed, but let’s see how fancy we can look on national t.v.’ look.  …Yeah, Cam’s look has a long name.

Reports out at the Castle in Owings Mills have indicated that Cam squared has been giving Terrell Suggs reps on the offense.  Suggs was the league’s week one DEFENSIVE player of the week.  Defense.  He plays against the offense.

Jeff Zrebiec of The Sun reports that Suggs has been in as a fullback in Baltimore’s offense in what he’s calling “The Suggs Package.”  Clever.

Cam put the blame on Sizzle saying it was all his idea.  “I guess he got tired of asking to be a tight end, so we’ll stick him in there at fullback,” Cameron told The Sun’s Ed Lee.  I’ve never been a big fan of the Ngata package so needless to say, I’m not overly excited about seeing Suggs lineup behind Joe Flacco.

Isn’t that why the Ravens went out and got Vonta Leach?