As the NFL season approaches the halfway mark, each team is starting to realize whether they are contenders or pretenders. If there was ever any doubt concerning the status of the Washington Redskins, they’re humiliating loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday provided a definite answer…pretenders.

This has been a season of inconsistent play, terrible play calling, and lack of leadership. With all of the contributing factors to the ‘Skins 2-4 start, all pointed fingers have found their way in the direction of second year head coach Jim Zorn. I am one of the many who is ready to see “Zorny” get the boot. As you watch the game it is clear to see the lack of experience he has with being a head coach in the National Football League.

Previous to getting the head coaching job in Washington, his only experience was the Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks coach. Not only does he appear to be lost when making the offensive play calls (his assumed strong point), he never seems to be willing to motivate and challenge his players. This has been the reason why it appears Zorn has lost control of the locker room. Clinton Portis has never been accepting of the head coach and in recent weeks has voiced his discontent when he called for Pro Bowl fullback Mike Sellers to be benched.

Losing your locker room is something that a head coach can not fix, neither is the reputation of a team that has lost to the Chiefs, Lions, and Panthers who have a combined record of 4-13. It is clear now that a change needs to be made as they rank 29th in scoring, and 23rd in total yards. Recently hired “offensive consultant” Sherman Lewis will begin calling plays on offense this week when they face division rival Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. This is the first sign that the end of the Jim Zorn era is upon us. Many believe that when the Redskins take the field in week nine against the Falcons, they will be under the leadership of a new head coach.

Is a new head coach the definite answer? We will find out in time, but it is clear that the organization needs a new look.

As we head to the offseason, names like Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren, Jon Gruden, and Bill Cowher will come up as candidates for the head coaching position. I would like to see the Redskins head in a different direction, other than hiring a big name coach. They have tried that with Steve Spurrier, and even Joe Gibbs who was not able to turn this team around. I suggest Daniel Snyder look for the next Andy Reid or Mike Tomlin, a coach who comes from a good organization with an experienced head coach to teach them how to be great leaders. It would be great to see a team with such history as the Redskins, become the organization it once was before Snyder took over. Regardless of whom the new coach is; Snyder needs to get it through his head that you can’t buy a championship. I’m sure Redskin fans are tired of being “champions on paper,” a title they have held for the past ten years.