Week 1 wasn’t kind to your first round pick. Pujols is hitting .167, Haley is hitting .207, Longoria is badly injured, and Crawford is hitting .152. Then there is Youkilis hitting .125, Mauer at .231, and Jeter at .233. And if you have Matt Holliday or Mike Stanton you had to deal with a guy sitting on your bench all week who wasn’t playing. So there is a lot to be disgruntled about early, but it will all be okay. Take a breathe and repeat. It will be okay. All of the above will hit and produce. Oddly enough new weeks usually bring offensive changes. Its probably attributed to changes of scenery and certain teams returning home, but the start of the new week usually means the start of new player streaks. Don’t be surprised if half of the guys I just named explode this week.

Watch that waiver wire. If guys were drafted pretty high and they were cut then there is no risk in taking a chance on them. I’ve already seen guys like Phil Hughes being cut. Jump on these guys and stash them until they turn it around. Although Hughes looks bad and his velocity is way down there is still plenty of time for him to produce. If your not comfortable then bench him for a good 2 or 3 starts until he improves. This goes for anyone who was drafted in front of you and is cut too early. Pick them up. Its was too early to make cuts.

Deep Pickups:

Catcher: JP Arencibia – I’ve been getting a lot of emails about him lately. If your catcher is someone like Carlos Ruiz then Arencibia is a good upgrade. He will hit homers, but he will hurt your average. Russell Martin- a lot of these names are repeated from previous articles, so listen to me! Martin was unmotivated in LAD and is now very motivated with no pressure in NY. Chris Ianetta- Hes a cheaper version of Arencibia. Lots of power potential with a low average. Wilson Ramos- His platoon split with Pudge will slowly diminish because he’s ready now. And he can really hit. Once he’s the everyday catcher he’s a solid option.

1B- Ike Davis – Should put up solid power numbers and will eventually move to 4th in the lineup. AVG may be a little low, but an okay utility hitter. Howie Kendrick- He’s available at 1B. He finished strong down the stretch last year and I ignored it because he’s Howie Kendrick. This post hype sleeper was once projected to win a batting title. Maybe his avg will stay elite finally. Justin Smoak, Brett Wallace- They will have rookie growing pains, but when they get on nice little hot streaks they will be good to plug in for power. If your desperate for a 1B or in a very deep league they are good utility or backup guys.

2B- Danny Espinosa – I’m liking him more and more each day. He can hit, he’s patient, he steals, he could be a 5 tool guy. Maybe not this year, but maybe. This could be a long shot, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Espy on the allstar team. He’s capable of a 20/20 season. Sean Rodriguez- He’s playing everyday since Longo is out. And he’s going to have eligibility soon at 2B/3B/OF. Plus I liked him before the season started, but had him ranked behind Nish (injured), Beckham (allstar), Walker (stud), and Espy (stud). Was I right about 2B being deep or was I right? Howie Kendrick is also available at 2B.

3B- Willie Bloomquist – Will he be this good all year? Probably not. But I said the same about Jose Bautista last year. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense but guys like this produce, and for a long time. Go ahead and grab him. Why not? 3B/SS/OF eligibility, tons of steals. At least ride him while he’s high. Chipper Jones- He’s still a fine option. He’s hitting, and he’s doing it in the heart of a great order.

SS- Alcides Escobar – If you need speed. He will steal a lot. His average will suffer for awhile though. Jhonny Peralta- Has never been a terrible option. He can still hit a little and is a good deep option at a terrible position. He’s hitting .320 so far.

OF- Jose Tabata – Looks like a good balance of power and speed. I expect his numbers to come back down to around the same as Angel Pagan’s though. Logan Morrison- He’s going to hit for average with between 20 and 25 HR. He is also hitting 3rd in a nice Marlins offense. He gets plenty of hits to keep your daily AVG respectable. Sam Fuld – can be a big source of SB hitting in the leadoff spot in TB. I’m not that big on him though. Keep an eye on really deep guys like Alex Gordon and Cameron Maybin who have started nice. If it continues another week, take a chance on them. They once had a huge ceiling. Carlos Beltran- would be a good pickup, but he’s going to rest a lot. Remember that. Watch out for Manny Ramirez as well. Too soon.

SP- Justin Masterson – Was lights out at the end of the season and is so far again this year. Plus he’s a strikeout machine. Chris Narveson- I liked him a lot before the season started and he’s looking good with a nice K total. Matt Harrison- Good run support, good start. Zach Britton- Who knows how long before everything catches up to him, but he’s usually available. Early rookie of the year nominee. Carlos Carrasco- Is a high K breakout pitcher. He will experience some growing pains. Esmil Rogers- Good first start for the rookie. Aaron Harang- Is rejuvenated in SD like Garland was last year. Chris Young- Has looked great in two starts. So has Jeff Francis.

CL- Jordan Walden – Please tell me you’ve picked him up by now. Sean Burnett- Is the only other new guy to report. No clue why Drew Storen isn’t closing, especially since his numbers have been fine. As I always say, if they are closing they have value. Chris Sale- Watch him. If Thornton continues to struggle he will take over quickly. But its early and I still really like Thornton. I would really like Sale too though.