Here is a look at every pitcher who will pitch twice during the upcoming fantasy week.  Both of their opponents for the week are listed beside their name.  They are ranked in order of who will have the best upcoming week and who you should pickup if available.  Note that both NYY and STL have TBA starters on Tuesday so their second two starter is not represented in the list.  This list also only ranks guys for this upcoming week and not for the longevity of the season.

1. Jair Jurrjens NYM TEX- He leads the NL with a 1.82 ERA.  All 11 of his starts have been quality starts.  He already has 8 wins.  He starts at home twice next week where he is 4-0 with a 1.50 ERA.  He is 8-3 with a 2.68 ERA vs. NYM and has a 1.80 ERA vs. TEX.  What else can you ask for?

2. Justin Verlander CLE @COL- Really on a role right now and possibly the best pitcher in the AL.  When you pitch into the 8th inning in 6 of your last 7 starts great things will happen.  He’s been inconsistent against CLE in his career, but nobody is going to stop him on the tear he’s on.  He has a 3.18 ERA vs. COL which isn’t bad either.

3. Cole Hamels FLA @SEA- Dominant over his last 5 starts.  3.65 ERA vs. FLA and has never faced the soft hitting Mariners.  2 more excellent outings coming.  Enough said.

4. Dan Haren @SEA @NYM- He’s been so good all year and just as good on the road as he is at home.  He has a 2.44 ERA vs. SEA and a 3.89 vs. NYM so I expect 2 more great outings.  Never bench this guy.

5. Matt Cain @ARI @OAK- Last 2 starts have been very good including a complete game in his last.  His 4.07 road ERA isn’t that great though as he starts twice on the road.  He is 8-4 with a 3.14 ERA vs. ARI and will pitch well against them.  Then its off to OAK where everyone wishes they could pitch.  He will be just fine that that huge park.  Good week coming.

6. Carl Pavano CWS SD- On a hot streak.  7+ IP in his last 5 games.  He’s always been pretty good vs. CWS 6-3 3.94 ERA.  He’s struggled against SD, but SD is really bad this year so that doesn’t matter.  His ERA at home is only 3.06 and he pitches there twice.  I like him to have another nice week and as a sleeper pickup.

7. Wandy Rodriguez ATL @LAD- First start back from the DL will be against ATL.  You never know how long pitchers returning will be allowed to go, but Wandy is a veteran and should be fine.  He is one of the only pitchers who doesn’t have to face an interleague team this week.  He has impressive ERA’s against both ATL and LAD with a 3.60 and 2.68.  He also threw 5 straight quality starts before hitting the DL.  Now that he’s healthy he should pick right up where he left off.

8. Jon Niese @ATL LAA-  Pitching nice lately.  4 of his last 5 have been quality starts.  He has a 2.88 ERA vs. ATL to add to his string of good outings.  Then he gets to pitch at home against a team who doesn’t know him.  His home ERA is 2.76.  If he’s not owned, grab him for this week.

9. Alexi Ogando @NYY @ATL- 7-0 2.10 ERA.  The Yankees scored 5 runs against him last time though so his matchups scare me a little bit.  But he’s been better than anyone in the AL in the first half so I would just throw him out there without really thinking about it because he will be fine.

10. Derek Lowe @HOU TEX- I hope he likes playing teams from Texas.  He’s been inconsistent lately but 5 of his last 7 have still been quality starts.  Good career numbers against HOU 5-3 3.21 ERA.  He also has a 2.92 ERA against TEX.  After putting up 2 straight quality starts and having 2 good match ups next week, he’s safe.

11. Justin Masterson @DET PIT- Good season numbers.  Nice bounce back in his last start after two mediocre starts.  He’s pitched into the 8th inning in 3 of his last 5 starts.  Detroit has given him some problems in his career with a 5.20 ERA, and PIT won’t give him any problems.  I expect two quality starts and a win vs. PIT.

12. Josh Collmenter SF CWS- 4-1 1.12 ERA so far as a rookie.  It’s hard to tell what a rook will do, but with his unique windup and deception he seems to be tough to hit.  He has thrown 2 shutout relief innings vs. SF but has never faced CWS.  I think he will continue to pitch well with 2 more quality starts and at least 1 more win this week.  Just my gut.

13. Gavin Floyd @MIN @ARI- Pretty inconsistent, but 3 of his last 4 were quality starts.  His career numbers vs. MIL aren’t that hot, but they are finally bad for the first time since he’s been in the majors.  ARI, who he’s never faced shouldn’t be a huge problem while he’s on a nice little role of pitching nice.  Trust him.

14. Josh Outman KC SF- 3/4 quality starts since returning from Tommy John surgery.  This is a guy that will improve as the season progresses and has a lot of upside.  Two years ago before his injury he was a great pickup, low ERA, high K guy.  Because he pitches in OAK he will always have solid numbers.  His 1.13 career ERA vs. KC should help him put up another quality start to start the week.  SF has a weak offense as well.  Good option for now and for the future.

15. James Shields BOS FLA- He has still pitched well lately, but he’s come back down to earth a little.  He has a 5.17 ERA vs. BOS and they are scoring a ton of runs right now.  He has a slightly high 4.76 ERA vs. FLA as well.  On the flip side his 2.38 home ERA is very good.  So he doesn’t dominate, but he is serviceable in both and gives his team the chance to get a win.

16. Jason Vargas LAA PHI- Gets to pitch twice at home very hes actually been slightly worse.  He’s been either dominant going 7 innings or more or has failed to reach the 5th.  5 of his last 7 outings have been dominant and 2 have been terrible.  Which will you get this week?  He’s good against LAA 2.12 ERA and was hammered the only time he ever played PHI.  I think he will do fine against both

17. Paul Maholm- NYM @CLE- 5 of his last 7 starts have been quality starts.  His 5.15 ERA vs. NYM isn’t promising, but his 3.75 ERA vs. CLE isn’t bad.  He’s been great at home so the NYM ERA should be a non factor.  Combine a good home start with a road start against a slumping team and he could be a decent option.  Especially because of his high QS total.

18. Zach Britton @TOR @WAS- After two rough outings he bounced right back in his last outing with a quality start.  9 of the 13 starts in his rookie career have been quality.  He has struggled on the road with a 4.94 ERA and unfortunately he starts twice on the road.  He also struggled in his last outing vs. TOR.  But trust in him to pitch decently in his breakout and rookie of the year contending season.

19. Ricky Nolasco ARI @TB- He’s had a nice season but has been in a little slump over the last month.  In that span only 2 of his 5 starts were quality.  He did bounce back in last outing going 7.1 with 2 ER.  His last outing will carry over when he faces ARI who he is 5-1 against with a 3.38 ERA.  He is terrible against TB though with a 8.38 ERA.  He’s also been bad on the road this season with a 5.13 ERA.  His recent inconsistent slump should continue with one good and one not so hot outing.

20. Ryan Dempster MIL NYY- 2 home starts will help although he hasn’t been that great anywhere.  He has been better at home though.  And he’s also been better recently has 3 of his last 4 starts have been quality starts.  His 2.60 ERA vs. MIL is impressive.  His 6.88 ERA vs. NYY is not.

21. Randy Wolf @CHC @BOS- 3 of his last 4 outings have been very good.  He is on the road twice where he isn’t as effective.  He has a 4.38 ERA on the road this year.  He has a 4.40 ERA vs. CHC and a 2.73 ERA against BOS.  But this isn’t the same BOS team he’s faced in the past and they destroy everyone.

22. Hiroki Kuroda CIN HOU- Another pitcher who won’t seem to advantage from 2 home starts because he is less effective at home.  He has only reached the 6th inning one time in his last 4 games.  However, he does have a 2.55 and 2.35 ERA vs. CIN and HOU.  That makes him unpredictable.  Seeing how CIN is a very solid team now lets say he will not have a quality start in that outing.

23. Carlos Carrasco @NYY PIT- Threw 8.1 shut out innings in his last start, but it was against a bad MIN team.  2 of his last 3 starts have been quality.  Has never faced the Yankees, but the matchup is tough especially for a guy on a scoreless streak who is due to give up runs.  The PIT matchup is nice of course.

24. Yovani Gallardo @CHC @BOS-  After 6 dominant starts in a row he lasted only 4 innings in his last start.  He seems to do things like this a lot.  He has a 4.21 ERA on the road where he will start twice.  He has a 3.61 ERA vs. CHC and has never faced BOS.  It looks like he may hit a little slump considering his last outing, 2 road starts, and facing BOS.  Him on a slump is better than some starters normally though.

25. Bud Norris PIT @LAD- Isn’t as great as he was earlier this year and his K’s have fallen some.  4.60 and 4.67 ERA’s against both teams.  As up and down as he’s been lately I don’t expect anything more than mediocre starts against teams that have hit him over his career.  He moves up the list a little though because he could bust through with 9 or 10 K’s on any day.

26. AJ Burnett- CLE @CHC- Very inconsistent all year and hard to rely on.  His 4.97 ERA vs. CLE and 4.21 ERA vs. CHC isn’t too good.  Plus he gave up 8 runs in his last outing.  He puts up good K’s though.

27. Bronson Arroyo @LAD TOR- 2 straight quality starts after a series of bad outings.  3.84 ERA vs. LAD 6.38 vs. TOR.  So I expect more shakiness and inconsistency with one good and one bad outing.

28. Aaron Cook SD DET- His first start this season was a 5.2 IP 3 ER 4 K mediocre outing.  He’s been great against SD in his career 4-0 2.92 ERA.  I expect a better outing against them before DET beats him.

29. Mike Pelfrey- @PIT LAA- Has literally been good every other start so its time for another bad one.  His 5.28 ERA vs. PIT is proof that they can do it.  He’s faced LAA once in his career and his ERA against them is 9.00 after that one outing.

30. Zach Duke @FLA CWS- In his 3 starts back he’s pitched very well.  He is 1-1 with a 2.37 ERA.  Florida owns him though as he is 0-5 against them with a 6.49 ERA.  Even worse is his 7.88 ERA at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.  He’s even unbeaten against the White Sox at 0-2 with a 5.61 ERA.  He’s had 2 good starts so far and one that wasn’t too good showing that he hasn’t turned a page and is still hittable.  I see him getting hit hard this week.

31. Chris Volstad @PHI @TB- The definition of inconsistency, yet 3 of his last 4 starts have been quality starts.  He has 2 starts on the road next week, which he is awful on with a 7.56 ERA this year.  He also faces 2 powerful offenses.  However, he has been pitching decently and has a 4.45 and 3.57 ERA against those teams so there is a little upside there.

32. Carlos Villanueva BAL @CIN- He is 4-0 despite not pitching all that well.  He has been inconsistent.  He beat the O’s in his time facing them so I expect them to beat him his second time through.  He has a 4.22 ERA vs. CIN who is tough to beat.  Mediocre option with some upside because he is undefeated.  But I would be surprised if he is after this week.

33. Dustin Moseley @COL @MIN- You would think a Petco Park pitcher pitching away from Petco would be bad, but he’s actually been better on the road.  He needs to be since he pitches on the road twice next week.  He’s struggled to reach the 6th inning lately as he hasn’t done it 5 times in the last 7 starts.  His 9.00 and 5.68 vs. his opponents isn’t promising either.

34. Jeff Karstens @HOU @CLE- Ugh do I really have to research this guy?  A 2.94 ERA? 2 straight quality starts? Really?  And then comes the bad news.  5.23 ERA on the road with 2 road starts, 6.17 ERA vs. HOU, 5.40 ERA vs. CLE.  Back to the bottom he goes.

35. Alex Cobb @DET FLA- Since his major league debut both of his starts have been quality starts.  Its so hard to tell what rookies like this will do but his upside is worth a risk.  However he is facing 2 powerful offenses.

36. Tim Wakefield @TB MIL-  His last 2 outings have been rough and he’s really old.  He has a 3.78 ERA vs. TB and has never faced the power hitting MIL.  I don’t see him giving up less than 4 runs in both outings for the 3rd and 4th consecutive times.  He shouldn’t get bombed though, he never really does.

37. Phil Coke TB @COL- He has 1 win and 2 quality starts in his last 8.  He hasn’t even gotten to the 6th inning in 3 of his last 4 starts.  However, he is good against TB with a 1.56 ERA against them.  Most of that was in relief though.  And no pitcher ever wants to throw at Coors Field.  I don’t recommend him because he can’t go deep into games.

38. Yunesky Maya STL SEA- Hasn’t won a major league game yet.  The Cuban defector may have some upside in the future, but for now he isn’t being trusted to pitch very deep into games.  STL is too strong of an offense for this guy.  His only real chance to win will be against SEA, but that’s even a risk.  I don’t expect much.

39. Danny Duffy @OAK @STL-  He is a rookie, 4 of his 5 starts have been bad, he hasn’t won a game, his ERA is a 5.55, he starts twice on the road, and he faces a good STL team at the end of the week.  All signs point to no.

40. Randy Wells MIL NYY- He’s had 3 terrible outings in a row.  He has bad numbers against MIL and NYY will probably crush him.  Stay away from him until he pitches better.