It’s hard to tell at this point exactly who will be two start pitchers for the next week.  Double Headers, rain outs, and off days all have an effect on these situations.  I put together a list of the top 8 guys that may be available in your league to add for next week.  The list only includes 8 guys because there were only 8 guys I liked.  I could have been fancy and made it a fun top 10 list, but I didn’t want to have to add two shaky guys to the end that I really didn’t like, thus blowing up your ERA next week.  They are in order of who you should pick up.

1.  Bud Norris- His last two starts have been great, and he is a strike out machine.  Grab him now, especially for next week.  He pitches two times at home next week, where he is better.  He faces STL first who he is 5-1 against with a 2.27 ERA.  Actually, STL is the only team Norris has beaten more than 2 times.  He then faces MIL who he is undefeated against at 2-0 with a 3.09 ERA against.

2. Jon Garland- I’m not just picking him because he threw a complete game on Wednesday.  Look at these great matchups next week.  First its against FLA who he’s 5-1 against with a 2.33 ERA.  Furthermore, he’s never lost at Sun Life Stadium 3-0 2.13 ERA.  Then he takes on his old team at Petco.  Just a reminder that last year at Petco he was 7-5 with a 3.00 ERA.  I’m sure he will want redemption against his former team too.  All of this is very good coming off of a great game.

3. Randy Wolf- He’s looked like his old self in his last two dominant starts.  Next week he faces CIN who he is 10-4 3.44 ERA against.  Then its HOU who he has a 3.44 ERA against as well.

4. Wade Davis- He’s pitched very well recently.  His career numbers aren’t the greatest against MIN or LAA, but its a small sample size.  He’s a good pitcher who is coming into these contests hot.  Thats a good enough season to grab him.

5.  Charlie Morton- His last start was the first time he was hit hard this season, but he is still a good pitcher.  He is going deep into games and 3/4 of his starts have been quality starts.  He faces SF first with a career 3.96 ERA against them.  Then its COL where he has a 3.00 ERA.  He should bounce back from a rough outing with a quality start or two next week.

6. John Lannan- Because of Wednesday’s double header its hard to tell if Lannan or Zimmermann will be the Nat’s two starter next week.  I’m sure the Nat’s don’t want to mess up their ordered rotation so Lannan would go Tuesday and Sunday.  He is home on Tuesday against the Mets who he is 4-4 with a 3.75 ERA against.  Then he faces the Giants who he has a career 1.29 ERA against.  Lannan flirts with a quality start each time he pitches and should keep your ERA low, win a game, and maybe throw two quality starts.

7. Zach Britton- Tough matchups next week vs. BOS and @CWS, but he doesn’t seem to mind pressure.  He may finally get hit pretty good, especially in that Boston game, but there is a potential here.  He’s thrown 3/4 Quality Starts this year, has a low ERA, and a nice K total.

8. Dustin Moseley- Can you believe that in his 4 starts this year he has 0 runs of support from his offense? Thats crazy.  I don’t really like his matchups next week against ATL and LAD, but he has pitched great this year.  Make him your option.