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Say you want a revolution? Well, we had one. Started in 1775, one April Morning. That’s a hell of a good made for TV mini series, if you’re into the history films. It was my introduction to the holiday coming up Monday. Tommy Lee Jones in a pony tale. Ah, the late 80’s.

Now, it’s not Revolution in the air on April mornings in Massachusetts. Fenway Franks and Red Snappers sizzle on the recently unfrozen grills. People, who have braved record size snow banks and ice patched sidewalks on winter jogs, pace in preparation to stride from Hopkinton, through Heartbreak Hill, to the finish line of the world’s most famous road race. Play ball. Run. Eat. Drink. Be Merry.

Birdland and the nation might now unfortunately be a little more acquainted with our little holiday after the cowardly acts of two dipshits. One is dead. One may be after a thorough judicial process and a lot of come to Jesus moments where people consider if it’s a stricter punishment to end a life or let it exist in a gray confined space for all it can handle – Maybe even longer than that. Personally, while the 2013 attack will not cease to be remembered, I will not let it dominate. Letting the terrorist win and all that.

“This is our fucking city.” Indeed, Big Papi. And this is my fucking column. And this is our Holiday. Patriot’s Day. I lived in Maine most of my life, and that’s how they write it. In Massachusetts, it’s Patriots’ Day. Things you learn working in a newsroom making graphics for holidays you don’t get off. It’s a day to commemorate history and make it. Aside from a tax preparing procrastinators pipe dream, Patriot’s Day, however you want to use the apostrophe, means two things to people of the Northeast corridor: Early Baseball and ‘The Marathon.’ It’s like a second opening day.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2010, the Birdland revolution began the day Buck Showalter managed his first game as the Orioles skipper. Revolution, rebuild, what have you, is Buck’s specialty. Wars are long and full of battles. And this campaign to overthrow the teams that have for the past decades, the Yankees and Red Sox, is almost complete. Since Buck has arrived, the O’s are 48-35 against the Red Sox. The American War for Independence lasted over 8 years. In his 6th year, Buck has the Birds working to defend an A.L. East title.

Buck Showalter - Baltimore Orioles manager

There’s a 57 percent chance the Red Sox will win on Monday. Early season baseball early in the morning. That’s more than a punchers chance. Last year, the O’s came in and spoiled things by taking the contest. One run. A classic Buck Showalter squad six-spot in the 3rd and a bullpen to salt it away.

Rematch. Revenge is best served cold they say. It’s supposed to be 45 degrees at game time and rainy. Perfect hypothermia weather. And a good day to earn a split in the series that has been dramatic at times due to ejections of players and Red Sox pitching into Lansdowne Street.
Bosox and brunch. Even when work is unavoidable, it’s nice to be able to turn on the tube or the radio and tune into some daytime baseball to take the sting out of your case of the Mondays. Happy Patriot’s Day, Birdland. Try not to spoil it again.

Image Credit: Keith Allison