As I continue to follow the Orioles off season moves and get geared up for Spring Training and the Birds 2010 season one thought continues to pop into my mind. That not only is Andy MacPhail building a successful team here in Baltimore from the ground up, but the personalities he brings into Baltimore are just as important as the talent.

On this week episode of Birds On The Wire, Jeff Pilson, Dave Vatz, and myself discussed the signing of Miguel Tejada and we were all equally impressed with the overwhelming support that Miggy received from fellow team mates. Brian Roberts told the media that Tejada was one of the best team mates he ever had.

It’s great to hear the support, but it’s even better to see it. Adam Jones said he would be willing to give Miggy number 10 back in exchange for a Rolex. Tejada understands that Jones is part of the future so he turned down the offer…Or maybe he doesn’t want to buy him a Rolex.

While I was at Fan Fest last Sunday I was also impressed with the Orioles three new signings, Garrett Atkins, Mike Gonzalez, and of course the O’s new ace Kevin Millwood. In their Q&A with the fans I really enjoyed what each of the new O’s had to say. Mike Gonzalez complimented the Orioles and said he is eager to get involved with the young talent and meet to guys on the staff. Kevin Millwood had great things to say about the Orioles lineup, he said he’s eager to mentor the young pitchers in Baltimore, and he told Dave Trembley that he doesn’t like coming out of games early and pays no attention to pitch counts.

The lineup looks solid, but I think the Orioles are a solid pitcher away from being truly competitive. Which brings us to the Erik Bedard debate. We know that one of the big problems with this talented pitcher is his attitude. Jeff Pilson mentioned a story on our podcast this week where Bedard told Seattle media he would take three questions, a reporter responded with “why three questions” and Bedard came back with “that’s one.” Erik is frequently hurt, takes himself out of games, and isn’t exactly friendly with the media. However, he is a huge talent.

Assuming that I am not reading too much into the Orioles signings, I would say that MacPhail steers clear of Bedard. Old school Orioles fans should rejoice at the thought of what Andy Mac is doing here in Baltimore.