That’s right folks, the Pittsburgh Pirates and going to be buyers at the trade deadline.  Heading into the fall Pittsburgh will be looking to add some bullpen help to their staff and Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports has tied Baltimore reliever Koji Uehara to the Pirates organization. reported the rumor on Tuesday, citing Koji’s $4 million option next season as a reason he could be moved.

The Pirates’ bullpen ranks fourth in the NL with a 3.15 ERA, though the group is third from the bottom in strikeout rate. Evan Meek has missed most of the season with a shoulder injury, leaving righties Joel Hanrahan, Jose Veras, Chris Resop, and Daniel McCutchen to pile up relief innings.

It’s a buyer’s market for relievers, though the supply of quality lefties is a little weak.

In speaking with our trade deadline/farm system expert, Mark Brown, I was informed that the Pirates have four guys among the Baseball America top 100. Bryan Morris (no. 6), Rudy Owens (no. 7), Jeff Locke (no. 8 ) and Zack Von Rosenberg (no. 9). He doesn’t think the top three will be moved. Mark will give us a full breakdown of the Orioles trade candidates and the organization’s potential return in a series next week.

What should the Orioles expect to get back in return for one of their best bullpen arms?