Vlad Guerrero Arrested For “Unleashing A Brawl In A Discotheque”

Vladimir Guerrero’s baseball comeback isn’t going so hot.

From one of my favorite baseball commentators, Craig Calcaterra of HardballTalk.com, comes word that Vladdy was arrested in the Dominican Republic following a bar brawl.

But not just any bar brawl, a bar brawl at a discotheque.  ¿Dónde está el discotheque?

From the report published by HBT, it sounds as though Guerrero assaulted a police officer.  ” The National Police on Tuesday announced an all points bulletin for the arrest of Major League Baseball star Vladimir Guerrero, for the alleged aggression against  to a Police major and for unleashing a brawl in a discotheque.”

Rafael Rojas reports that Guerrero will be charged with “physical and verbal assault to an authority.”  He is currently being held at a police precinct in Bani.

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