In the spirit of Jimmy the Greek, we’re going to offer you some stone cold locks this football weekend. Or, just some spurious guesses based on cursory analysis and casual observation. Either way, this being Baltimore, we thought we’d hear from our favorite wholesale narcotics importer, the man known simply as, “The Greek.”  Please wager responsibly, and if you choose to do so, try reading some online casino reviews, tips and strategies to guide you on who to place your bet with.

Greek’s 2011 record ATS: 6-2

Come, come, spend a Sunday with us. Why do you keep looking at the door? Ignore Yannis and Kostas there with the subachine guns. They are here for your protection, my friend.  These are volatile times when our friend Yosh Freeman is bleeding like a lamb and our friends from the Seattle port are overtaking the New York connection…er…Giants. Never fear. Stick with us and you will prosper greatly. Come close. Let me tell you these things I know.The Greek will continue to ride the Packers until they prove us wrong.  No point spread is too great for them to overcome. They are like Sergei at a customs checkpoint, and the St. Louis Rams are the malakas calling him “Boris.” Lay the Packers -14.5 at home against St. Louis. Pair this one o’clock game with a fine spanakopita in preparation for the sacrifice of the Rams.

If the Greek has taught you one thing, what is it? Dependability. You need men around you you can trust. The Lions have been very, very good to us this year. In this situation, we trust the Lions. The 49ers are in for a letdown after their smashing of our poor, poor Yosh Freeman. San Francisco is traveling east, and the short week may even help Detroit keep this wonderful momentums they have. At -4, this 5-0 team is a great value. Lay the 4 points and take Detroit at home against the Niners.

At 4 p.m. it’s time to take the lamb out of the oven and make your real money. Everyone talks of these Patriots, Lions, Packers and Ravens, but the Saints are quietly an elite team this year. We hate to go against our little Yoshie Freeman, who reminds us of a boy we once knew, Nickolas Sobotka. Much like Nicky, Yosh’s may be a lost cause this year, due in part to his volatile cousin Ziggy (LaGarrette Blount). The Greek likes the Saints by a touchdown, and you should like the Saints laying 4.5 points on the road.

Our friends in Las Vegas are getting wise to the cover master, Cam Newton. Speaking of Vegas, The Greek recommends to read reviews and find our where you can make the most of my generous business opportunities. Where was I? Ah yes, young Cam. Last time he played in the Georgia Dome, he was winning the SEC Championship and not doing anything wrong that you federals can prove in court. Just like my operation! Clean as Little Johnny’s Diner. Once again, the Greek must advise you take the backdoor cover artist and his Carolina Panthers +4 on the road in Atlanta.

Dave Gilmore has been through the entire “The Wire” box set more times than he can count. He can be found at @dave_gilmore, where you can ask him any “The Wire” trivia you can think of and he’ll answer within 2 minutes correctly. Beat that, Jason Whitlock!