Prior to Monday night’s Orioles-Rangers game, Buck Showalter was asked to name his favorite Manny Machado play. For me, it has to be this one.

Manny  Machado web gem

Showalter had a better answer though, telling the media that he hopes it hasn’t happened yet. “I hope it’s the one where he catches the last out of the World Series.”

Me too.

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  1. I’ll go along with that, too.

    Cue spy – “Not until Angelos gets an Ace (Pink Unicorn)”

  2. Enjoy Manny while you can , he will be in pin stripes before you know it…………………..

  3. Not going to happen, spy. This guy will make the yocals forget all about Cal What’s his Name?

  4. anonymous hippopotamus

    I’m almost positive spy is either Nestor or his paid spokesman. Geez, what a negative-Nancy

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