Try to argue against fan interference on this one...

While DC has ignited their Natitude initiative to clean their ballpark of Phillies fans, Baltimore is still working on their own evil scheme.

Last night a Yankees fan spoiled a shutout for Wei-Yin Chen by interfering with a ball in play at the wall in left field.  As rookie Xavier Avery leaped to make the catch on a Curtis Granderson fly ball, a fan snatched it from him.  “Hell yeah I had a shot,” Avery told reporters after the game.  “But they had that tenth man out there helping them out.”

Avery was clearly upset with the fan.  “I think (the fan) raised up his beer can or something to taunt me a little bit and I just turned around, went back to playing,” Avery said.

The Twitterverse exploded with Jeffrey Maier memories and many questioned why Buck Showalter didn’t argue the home run or request a review.

“I knew what the answer was going to be,” Showalter said according to’s Roch Kubatko.  “I don’t know if it was somebody in midnight blue or black and orange there. I’ve got an educated guess, so our goal was to play well enough so they can’t get a ticket.”