Just because my beloved Baltimore Orioles are out of the postseason, doesn’t mean I can’t stop watching. I love baseball. Even over Presidential Debates.

If you’ve changed the channel, decided to give the Ravens their due time or can’t wait to hear if the players accept the owners’ offer in the NHL CBA negotations, I completely understand. Here’s what you’ve missed in the week since the O’s were eliminated by the Yankees.

The American League Championship Series is three games deep and the New York Yankees are still searching for their first win. Seriously.

Last night, Tigers ace Justin Verlander allowed only two hits to Ichiro Suzuki through eight innings and Detroit rolled on beating New York 2-1. New York’s lineup is batting .200 this postseason, after scoring the second most runs during the regular season. Their postseason record in games not started by ace CC Sabathis is 1-5.

Joe Girardi has benched Alex Rodriguez and now Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano finally broke out of his 0-for-29 slump with a single last night.

I have to ask, how did the Orioles lose to this Yankees team?

It should have been Baltimore-Detroit, not New York-Detroit.

I can’t let it go.