Though the Baltimore Orioles won’t release next season’s full schedule until later this year,’s Roch Kubatko has a few tasty nuggets on what O’s fans can expect in 2014.

As for the interleague portion of their schedule, the Orioles will host the Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds. They will play the Nationals, Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs on the road.

Orioles will travel to Wrigley Field in 2014 - 2014 Orioles ScheduleNo way I’m missing a chance to watch the Orioles in Wrigley Field. As Roch points out, the Birds first road trip to the legendary ballpark came just a few seasons ago in 2008. The O’s took two of three from the Cubs in a series that took place while I was on vacation in Outer Banks. Yeah, I’ll never forget that.

I also haven’t had a chance to make it to PNC Park yet, so that’ll have to happen in 2014 as well. My wife is going to be thrilled about all these road baseball games.

Kubatko adds the the Orioles will open at home against the Boston Red Sox on March 31 after starting out against the Rays in St. Petersburg.

Something tells me Roger Goodell is going to be pissed about all of this.

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  1. Chowman can make your dreams come true….so can Brendan Ayenbedayjo…

  2. anonymous hippopotamus

    I go away for a few days and come back to find this site in shambles…

  3. 2014 Interleague schedule is very BORING: Been to Wrigley Field in 2008 in my 50th birthday and the Towson Chicago Alumni Chapter – Orioles won the game and the series – was a dream come true to finally have a reason to see the famous stadium and the ivy in outfield. Also visited the Field of Dreams movies site in Dyersville, IA – I would advise you to do the same NOW if you want to see it in its’ ORIGINAL condition before it is destroyed by so-called baseball ‘dreams’ developers. I first saw the site at 1:30 am under a moonlit sky. I pulled out my DVD player and watched the movies in the driveway. While there, also saw game in Milwaukee. Been to PNC Park in 2005 – BEAUTIFUL ballpark with a view of the Pittsburgh city skyline behind center field and all the bridges and to Cincinnati’s Great America Ballpark with a view of the Ohio River. Miffed why the stadium does not have the city in the background instead. One thing I noticed on my road trips is that the Orioles do have a number of away fans.

    Why host the Cardinals in Baltimore again? I am awaiting the season when the Orioles return to St. Louis since they left in 1954 and to attend a game at their new stadium built in 2006.

    Is visiting the Nationals a ‘road trip’ down the I-95 or the BW Parkway? Not really, a home game away sort of.

  4. Everyone should travel to at least one other ballpark each year to pull for their team.

  5. The last time the O’s had an interleague series against both Chicago and Milwaukee, it was at both of their ballparks. Both will be revisited again in consecutive meets. The last time the O’s had interleague series against both St. Louis and Cincinnati, was 3 years ago in the exact same place they’ll be at next year, Camden Yards. The only difference is the O’s playing two 2G series against the Pirates, one home, one away.

    Baltimore is overdue for a series in Cincy (last visit: 2005) and St. Louis (last visit: 2003), as the Brewers and Cubbies are overdue for a series in Baltimore. Brewers’ last visit: 2003… Cubbies’ last visit: 2003

    • Meant to say *2 years ago* for the Cardinal’s and Reds’ last visit to Baltimore, 2011

  6. I drove from Detroit to Chicago to Watch the O’s at Wrigley in ’08… no way I’m missing it in 2014.

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