Adam Jones has been one of the most effective hitters in the Orioles lineup this season. With runners in scoring position Jones is hitting .321/.350/.493 with 55 RBI in 143 plate appearances. Not too shabby.

Jones 146 base-hits leads the league among centerfielders and his 85 RBI is 17 more than any player at his position. Jones is batting .296 on the season, third in his position behind Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen and Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury.

I could sit here and continue spew stats about how effective Jones has been at the dish, despite his 0-for-14 in Arizona. The thing that sticks out to me about Jones’ effectiveness is that he’s posting impressive numbers despite seeing just 3.51 pitches per plate appearance this season.

Jones ranks seventh in the league in fewest pitches seen per plate appearance this season.

Here’s how Jones swings inside and outside of the strikezone according to’s PITCHf/x data.

  • Outside Of Zone: 44.9% swinging, 62.1% contact
  • In The Zone: 73.3% swinging, 87.6% contact
  • Total: 57.7% swinging, 76.6% contact