If you didn’t already have mad respect for Adam Jones, you definitely will now. The Baltimore Orioles centerfielder/San Diego native tweeted that he was looking for tailgating Baltimore fans before the Ravens took on the Chargers and went to hang out with a few of them.

Jeff Barnes (some dude on Twitter) posted this picture with AJ a few hours before kickoff.


Jones was in attendance for the game and was rooting for the Ravens. He told Jerry Coleman to “go eat a steak” and even offered to take Justin Tucker out for Popeyes.

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  1. Yea, but Lil’ Frosted Tips Nestor will beat him up for not living in Baltimore.

    Funny, I went on one of Nestor’s Ravens’ trips and the clown wasn’t even there.

  2. Not random, it was at The West Wing LA’s tailgate – http://youtu.be/KxPkW9Q9O38

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