Perhaps we’ve gotten spoiled. The Baltimore Ravens seem to be heading towards the postseason for the fifth consecutive year and for the first time since their arrival from Cleveland in 1996, fans in Charm City appeared to be very melancholy about their team.

We discussed this odd phenomenon on the BSR Podcast before the Ravens took the field on Sunday (around 1:08:20) and came to the conclusion that the bandwagon has likely gotten light due to the fact that fans didn’t believe this was a Super Bowl caliber team. The season-ending injuries of Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb will do that, I suppose.

I’m not sure if beating the Raiders by 35 points changes that opinion, but the fact is that the Ravens have only ever been 7-2 one other time in franchise history. And oh by the way, they put up more points than any other NFL team has in a single week this season.

Do you believe yet?

Joe Flacco, who’s downward spiral in a contract year had everyone questioning his future, threw for 341 yards and three touchdowns and led the offense to a franchise high points total.

The team clicked on special teams, an area they struggled in during their matchup last week against the Browns. They’re currently facing their toughest stretch of schedule (vs. Steelers, at Chargers, at Steelers) and now they approach it with arguably one of the biggest statement wins in the Harbaugh/Flacco regular season era.

Lewis and Webb’s injuries certainly changed Baltimore’s expectations of the 2012-2013 season. Perhaps fans did jump off the bandwagon, but if the Ravens remain hot at the right time (like — right now) there’s no telling who can stop this team.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. I don’t think anyone doesn’t believe that the Ravens are one of the Top 6 teams in the AFC. I mean, look at the AFC. So the season is all about getting better and getting ready for the playoffs. The Ravens season starts THIS week. All the other stuff was warmups for this stretch run. I still think they are a fifth or sixth seed, again, and that will mean no bye, maybe one playoff game, and then the need to win on the road.

    We’ve seen this story before.

  2. I think lots of us fans never jumped off the wagon. This team has been a consistent winner since Coach Harbaugh came to town. He brought a level of consistency that was lacking and has always had us in the conversation when playoff time comes. I would like to thank Steve Biscotti for being a great owner, Coach Harbaugh for getting the players under control and playing as a cohesive unit, and Ozzie Newsome for finding great talent to put on the fied. Go Ravens!!

    • Ravanmaniac – You can’t even spell “Raven” so why should I believe you are no more than the thousands of hangers-on that have joined Raven Nation in the last few years.

      I know your type, you wear last year’s jersey or worse yet, your “Heap-86” jersey with no clue that the guy left years ago. Game day is a big party to you. If you go to the game, you’re lucky to make it in to the stadium for the second quarter.

      Michael Jackson, to you, is strictly the guy who sang “Thriller”. You have no clue who the Ravens’ first ever draft pick is, nor do you care.

      Justin Tucker is the “best Ravens kicker, EVER” according to you, and you’ve got zero clue who Ted Marchibroda is.

      “Ravanmaniac”, please don’t break your neck jumping off the bandwagon when the team, again, goes 11-5, but fails in the post season.

      • Wow, why so much hate for Rav”a”nmaniac? You attacked him like it was personal? So what if he is or isn’t a new Ravens fan….he is a fan and it shouldn’t matter to you when he became one. I have Chris Mcallister, Derrick Mason and Willis Mcghahee jerseys, does that mean I have no clue they also don’t play for the team anymore? I can usually be found wearing my Reed or Sizzle jerseys on game day.

        PS I am assuming that Rav”a”nmaniac is a He, if not I apologize.

  3. Sorry about my spelling error Tilley. I don’t wear jerseys because I think the whole thing is juvenile or gay. I don’t go to games because I would rather watch it in the comfort of my home than hang out with 71,000 other @ssholes like yourself. The Ravens first draft pick was J.O., best kicker would be Matt Stover, Ted Marchibroda was the first coach of the Ravens as well as coaching the Colts back in the mid 70’s.

    Your comments are only going after me and not talking about the subject of this thread. Why don’t you keep on topic instead of kneecaping me after a comment that you obviously don’t agree with. Please tell me why I’m wrong?

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