On Monday Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told the media that he was “glad” the Ravens broke Ben Roethlisberger’s nose in their week 15 matchup.

Dan Kolko of MASNSports.com points out that the comment with made jokingly, but that the emotions of Steelers Week may have made the head say something that he wouldn’t typically say.

“I was glad we broke his nose,” Harbaugh said, with his tongue planted in his cheek, “and then I was very impressed that he played through it. Obviously, you can throw very effectively with a broken nose. He proved that.”

That comment seems like it’s more likely to come from Terrell Suggs than it is from John Harbaugh, but I like it. It might be Steelers week, but Harbaugh is still able to crack a few light-hearted jokes at the Steelers’ expense.

While most Ravens fans would agree with Baltimore’s head coach, the comment does come as a surprise.

What did you think of Harbaugh’s comment?

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  1. Canadian Steeler fan

    Disgusting..in jest or otherwise, this is reprehensible. Any respect that I may have had for John Harbaugh is gone with that comment.

    • This was a JOKE…. get it? Ben's nose was broken, yet he still played well enough to win. For you ignorant Steelers fans, that's called self-deprecating humor. Since you both are obviously so sensitive, you must be aghast that cheap shot extrodinaire steeler thug James Harrison has amassed only $100,000 in fines this year, leading the league. Now that's NO JOKE!

      • It doesn't matter if it was a sarcastic comment or if it was 100% Harbaugh's true feelings. You just don't say crap like that when you're a coach! If Lord Goodell doesn't issue a fine/ suspension on Harbaugh's opinion, he's (a) going against everything that he's been working for in terms of QB protection and helmet-to-helmet contact, and (b) putting a target on Flacco's head for Saturday's game!

        For the record, I'll take a non-charged and accused assault victim over two charged and convicted killers anyday!

    • I have total respect for coach Harbaugh but I have not respect for a rapist!

      • And when was he charged with rape?

      • Rapist or murderer the worst of two evils, must we pick one? No. Let’s not forget if we are going on what athletes get accused of we would have to question Ray Lewis too. So I don’t think we should judge what we really don’t know. It’s a great tough rivalry that is always extremely exciting. Guys get hurt in football and if you can’t take it don’t watch this game.

  2. He should be glad when the Ravens play well … BUT Why would anyone be GLAD to injury a player … Where is his fine????

  3. If Breaking a Nose is a joke … then he must find the Emergency room Hilarious! Injuries are NOT funny.

  4. I cant wait until the Steelers get that quote and let the Defense see it. Joe Flacco might be escorted out of Heinz field in a wheelchair after they catch wind of this.

    • Can't wait for Roethlisberger and the offense to see it as well!

      • you act like there is more incentive to play hard. There is enough atstake at this game for me to think that the Steelers will be playingtheir A game, this comment doesn't change anything.

  5. Harbaugh's weak attempt at being Rex Ryan.

  6. It was a 15 yard penalty for an obvious blow to the head on a QB in the pocket that was NOT called. To joke about it now is pathetic.

  7. stop overreacting everyone…..like the steelers are so perfect they have never done anything wrong?

  8. In a year where blows to the head are judged so harshly I am amazed that a tomahawk chop to Ben's nose didn't even warrant a flag. This is when replay fails in the NFL. It wasn't like Ben broke his own nose. The refs saw the damage, but because it was deemed too late after the play they couldn't possibly make the call. That is where the NHL has it all over the NFL. If the next play hasn't been run there is still time to make a consensus decision on whether a play should've been a penalty or not. Body parts are always flying around during a football play, but the action of Ngata on that play was intentional or at least wreckless. I'm not going to make comment about 'if that happened to Brady or Manning'. This was a penalty no matter who it happened to and in addition, for Harbaugh to joke about it was a classless act.

  9. Canadian Steeler fan

    No one is saying the Steelers are perfect but the issue is that no coach ( think Noll, Cowher and Tomlin) should make such inflammatory statement. It's beyond the usual banter and beneath him to stoop such a level.

    • But Tomlin does defend James Harrison for his hits… whether thequotes were said in sincerity or in jest, coaches are going to supportand defend their players…..

  10. Canadian Steeler fan

    Defending a player is one thing. I know Mike Tomlin did not say, "Oh, we're glad James knocked that guy out!" Privately, who knows? But in public, to reporters: get a grip, Harbaugh.

  11. Coaches SHOULD defend players. I Fail to see How … "I was GLAD We Broke His Nose." is defending a player ???

  12. Lets see, Harrison knocks people on the head and makes the comment "I try to hurt people"; Ward pretty much has shortened Ed Reed's career with a supposedly "legal" hit several years ago. Despite this, let's all focus on one play where a stray hand accidentally hit Roethlisberger in the nose!! Dirty Ravens!! OMG, poor Steelers!! The refs have it waiting for the Steelers!! …What BS. The Steelers are the biggest hypocrites in the NFL.

  13. I don't have a problem with the comment per se – it was a joke after all. That said, it probably wasn't a good idea to make light of injury. Even when it's made absolutely clear hat the comment was said in jest, some people will be bound and determined to take offense. There are lots of people out there with no sense of humor. Harbaugh is generally a class act and a smart guy, though. He usually knows better than to get those people riled up. On balance I'd say he probably shouldn't have said this.

  14. Bad comment by the Coach, and he should be fined by the NFL. But it will have no meaning Saturday afternoon. Both teams are full of household name players, more than most teams. Offence and Defence of both team are really very evenly matched. I believe the game will come down to who holds the ball in the last two minutes. It will be a Dog fight to the end. I just hope it's the Home Team. Go STEELERS!!!!!!!

  15. Probably wasn't a serious statement, but will be used as cannon fodder. Coach should have thought this one out.

  16. After Ben's sexual assault charges, he deserves to get more than his nose broken.

    • Not CHARGES…accusations. Get it straight. You don't want to be the guy starting rumors, do you?

  17. Canadian Steeler fan

    Oh please..are you guys witness, judge and jury now ??? What charges, there were none.
    NOT THE POINT!!!!!

  18. I hope Big Ben breaks his legs too. You guys need to calm down – it's football! Plus, Big Ben is a guilty rapist, so I don't see how Harbaugh is "reprehensible" when Big Ben is clowning around with drunk girls in bathrooms.

    • I agree with this – the Steelers are just going to cry about it because Ben couldn't throw Sizzle around like he did those women. SMDH

      OJ's innocent too! Never found guilty in court, right?

    • Again…there you guys go making false accusations. Last I checked Big Ben was accused and and not charged. What about the precious Ray Lewis? He did time for something. Right? He did time! GUILTY!

      • Lewis' attorney arranged for the MURDER CHARGES against Lewis to be dropped in exchange for his testimony against Oakley and Sweeting, and a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice. Lewis ADMITTED that he gave a misleading statement to police on the morning after the KILLINGS. He was sentenced to one year of probation and was fined US$250,000 by the NFL, which was believed to be the highest fine levied against an NFL player for an infraction not involving substance abuse.

        AND YOU GUYS ARE CASTING STONES!… last question, where is the white suit…where is the white suit?

      • Cleaning up the streets of Atlanta vs. terrible rape cases against innocent women. You decide? But that's ok, maybe next time Ben will find your daughter, or your wife, or your mother. If you want this man free in Pittsburgh's grimey city and have no concern, then I guess I shouldn't be concerned either. You know what Terry Bradshaw thinks about Ben and the Steelers bringing him back this year.

  19. Jim, Ben wasn't charged with anything.

  20. Nothing like showing our youth good sportsmanship! Stay classy Ravens!

  21. Classless team coached by a classless act!!!

  22. Additonally, on April 29, 2004, Lewis reached a settlement with four-year-old India Lollar, born months after the death of her father Richard, preempting a scheduled civil proceeding. Lewis also reached an undisclosed settlement with Baker's family…. Why? Oh yeah, because he KILLED her dad! Good thing he runs around the "beautiful" streets of Baltimore…Maybe he can make other kids orphans, and make a few more Pro Bowls. It's a business, right?

  23. Canadian Steeler fan

    Knock it off all of you….vitriolic rhetoric gets no one anywhere (Arizona, any one?)….Jim Harbaugh should have known better, end of story.
    This is supposed to be about THE GAME.

  24. These juvenile comments from Ravens fans are hilarious. I know they're jealous of the Steelers' success, but I never realized just HOW jealous. Wow!

  25. It was a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell the Steelers won, Steeler fans are such cry babies, and so freakin soft!! We will see after the game Saturday, we are the last team the Squeelers wanted to see this weekend!! Classless is 75,000 fans welcoming a guy who has been acused of treating women like trash with a standing ovation!! Ray was found innocent!! Big Ben cant keep lil Ben in his pants, and thats been proven!!

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